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Aug 6, 2010 09:32 AM

Quebec City and Lac St. Jean with kids

Biking around QC and then doing the veloroute des bleuets with the kids. Never been to these places before and are v. excited.

Looking for restaurant recs for good, inexpensive meals. also, any must-have regional foods? cheese? blueberry desserts? etc.

Also, would it be better/cheaper to have a big lunch, small dinner if we are eating out?

And, if we are buying picnic food in groceries, is one chain better than another? What are the good regional cheeses, snacks, breads, baked goods to look for in the grocery store?

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  1. Well, the Perron Cheese factory in St-Prime is a must stop. Fresh squeaky cheese curds are divine. There's a ton of blueberry-specific stores all over the place also (try the blueberry/chocolate sweets from the Peres Trapistes, they should be on sale pretty much everywhere around the Lac).

    However, I grew up in Lac St-Jean and I must say that restaurant options are nil. I really don't think I could recommend anything that's not your traditional "family restaurant" crap.

    1. I also believe that the main food attractions in Lac-St-Jean are the fromageries. Like it was mentionned Perron is great. IMHO, Lehmann in Hébertville is one of the best in Québec.

      Médard in Saint-Gédéon is great for cheese curds made with Jersey's milk and Boivin in La Baie is also good for the classic stuff.

      The adults might also like to stop at the Microbrasserie du Lac-St-Jean, which I think is next to the Véloroute. However, I don't know about any good restaurants in this region...

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        I noticed a restaurant search function on this site,

        Once there, local people might have good recommendations for you.

      2. Just returned from QC and had the same inexpensive food guide lines as you. Go to the daily, gorgeous farmers market at the bottom of the port and eat your way through the spectacular choices of LOCAL meats, cheeses and BERRIES so delicious you will weep.Strawberries, blueberries, cape gooseberries (ground cherries) are ripe and abundant.Beautiful bread and baked goods too, so much like Europe ! You can buy what you like and and eat at the tables outside with a view of the port.

        Also you MUST visit this place I adore food stores and this is one of the most amazing in quantity and quality of any high end, gourmet food store I've seen anywhere.You have never seen such a variety of pates and meat products made of wild game, all sorts of salamis,and charcuterie and cheeses from Quebec. Mind Blowing ! Also ,any gourmet food product in a package produced anywhere is here and displayed beautifully. Not cheap totally worth 20 minutes if you love food.The chocolate department is mind blowing.

        There is an exceptional European style bakery a few blocks up on the same side of the street.The bread is all risen in willow baskets ( a French method) and the pastries too are incredible. I had an apple tart made from local apples and apple sauce that made me weep. Look inside the different bakery windows to be sure to find this very on.You can see the baskets in a pile in one of the windows. You have to go up a few steps to enter.

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          Don't miss on St-John street l'Epicerie Européenne and La Carotte Joyeuse. Great gourmet shop also.