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Aug 6, 2010 09:26 AM

Sino in San Jose

Sino is opening up a branch in Santa Monica, an area which desperately cries out for decent Chinese food. There's almost a thousand reviews for Sino on Yelp, but I've never seen it mentioned on Chowhound. To me that's an indication that Xino in Santa Monica isn't going to be filling any kind of void. But I would be interested in a Hound assessment of the San Jose location to see what we might be in for.

377 Santana Row Ste 1000, San Jose, CA 95128

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  1. I've only eaten there once and found the place pretty dull. It feels like the kind of Chinese place you would find in Disneyland. I'm sure you can find better in Santa Monica.

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      Great description. Its a bar with chinese food.

    2. Website says Aug 6 is when it opens in Santa Monica.

      You can see (and perhaps judge by) the sample menus for dim sum, dinner from their website

      Sino is/was the pet project of Chris Yeo who started Straits Cafe on Geary back in the mid to late 90s, which eventually blossomed into several Straits Restaurants that were more fusion style than straight up Singaporean (although I think a larger conglomerate owns and runs them now). Sino is the Chinese themed side of the restaurant. At least the dim sum is the basic and regular stuff based on the menu.

      The way I see it, Straits Restaurant and Sino are perfect for Santanna Row/SJ, and opening a Sino would indeed cater to a somewhat similar demographic. So bottom ain't going to be a Sea Harbor/Elite/Koi Palace kind of Chinese place.

      377 Santana Row Ste 1000, San Jose, CA 95128

      1. It's certainly not authentic chinese but there are some really good dishes. The kung pao lollipops are not to be missed! And the cocktails are generally unique and very good as well. The noodle dishes range from outstanding to forgettable but are generally true to the descriptions. I think it will fit in well in the LA scene

        1. They have a great happy hour but I wouldn't think of it as a great dining destination.