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Aug 6, 2010 09:10 AM

Looking for recs for husband's 40th

Hi all,

We're in town from Los Angeles end of September, and not to add to yet another visitor thread, but I was looking for suggestions for a nice dinner out for two to celebrate my husband's birthday. We're staying at the Sutton Place Hotel, so anything from Gastown to Yaletown would be perfect, though I'd be open to other areas.

His request was for a place that wasn't too loud, had a nice oyster selection, and got consistently great reviews. I've been considering Blue Water, but wanted to at least check before pulling the trigger to see if I was overlooking any gems that fit the bill, such as a place with a view.

Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions. :)

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  1. Judas Goat and L'abbatoir (I haven't been to the later yet, but it has good credentials.)
    Then the Diamond for drinks.

    1. Rodney's Oyster House in Yaletown:

      Rodney's Oyster House
      1228 Hamilton, Vancouver, BC V6B2S8, CA

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        Ah yes...oysters. I didn't read far enough down the post to see that it was a requirement. Rodney's is a good rec. A couple of forum regulars have also recommended Coast.

      2. I lived in LA for 2 years (sadly, i returned to my rainy hometown of vancouver)... If you're looking for ambiance and great food (oysters included), Blue Water fits the bill. Rodney's has a larger selection of oysters, but the atmosphere isn't nice... it's more casual. Coast has good oysters as well - i would say it's more "LA"-ish in decor and people (and it can get loud depending on if it's the weekend). It gets mixed reviews here, but I've always had fun and enjoyed the food.

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          Oh, i forgot to mention C restaurant. Fantastic food and ambance; but the oyster selection is not extensive. Take a look at the website.

        2. Thanks for all of the advice! Greatly appreciated. We'll be in town for a few days, so you've given us some additional places to consider for our non-birthday nights out, too.