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Aug 6, 2010 08:41 AM

Torn between Apilco Pillivuyt and Revol for my wedding registry. Please help.

For anyone who was experience with all three brands, what are your thoughts? Which one did you like best.

These will be my every day dishes and probably my fancy occasion dishes for a while.

We are looking at Apilco Tuileres which is a little thinner than Apilco tradition. Here is the link:

We are also looking at Pillivuyt Valencay which is a little thinner and lighter than Sancerre, but has Pliienium added to the clay to make it withstand thermal and mechanical shock.

And finally Revol Plain white plates from SLT or BBB.

In your opinion, which of the three are best? Which has the best glaze? I hate when plates get scratches from sliding against each other when getting one out of the cabinet.

I was looking at Wedgwood white, but with my fiance's appetite we will need something larger than 10.75 in diameter plates for everyday.

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  1. We have both Revol and Aplico. I think that the Revol are more delicate, thus appropriate for everyday as well as special occasions. Neither scratches easily as far as I can tell.

    1. We have all three and love them all. No scratching, no dulling, no discolouration. We use them for everyday and special occasion and I have never regretted the choices. I tend to choose pieces without a lot of embossing or patterns so no issue in mixing together on the table.

      1. Another vote for the "I have all three" category.

        I started with Apilco that I bought in France a long time ago, in the 1960s, when I was in school. I have added many, many pieces over the years. These receive daily use and look perfect with nary a scratch. Of course we've had some breakage; I reared sons. But these pieces have been stellar. I continue to add Apilco to my batterie de cuisine.

        Pillivuyt is a relative newcomer to my kitchen - only about 25 or 30 years, so far. Again, perfect in every respect. Honestly, I expected less because they were slightly less expensive but they have performed exactly like the Apilco.

        The Revol is the new-kid-on-the-block, with only about 15 years of service. So far, so good.

        I have the most sentimental attachment to Apilco and choose them first when given the opportunity. There have been some terrific sales at Bridge Kitchenware recently and I have added dozens of pieces of Apilco to an already over-supplied kitchen. My DIL will thank me someday.

        The white pieces work with everything and make the transition from oven to table with their handsome good looks intact. These are the workhorses of my kitchen -- and have been for a long time. You can't go wrong with a classic.

        1. Thanks all for all your comments! You have really made me feel good about choosing french porcelain for my wedding registry. We are going for a very plain plate with a rim. The biggest challenge will be making sure we get plates that fit in the dishwasher. I'm not too concerned about them fitting in the cabinet since my wonderful fiance will build me a deep hutch to store my new porcelain.

          I am soooooooo excited for my new plates. Hopefully I won't get those disgusting knife marks like I have on my pfaltzgraf. And maybe with those sales at bridge kitchen I will be able to replace my pyrex with more porcelain!

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            dobs737, I'm speaking from the perspective of having lived in more than one house (!!!) using more than one dishwasher .............. there's always a way to make them fit, no matter what. With some wiggling, I can get my chargers in my current machine, something I thought impossible at first. Life happens, the dishwasher needs to be replaced, there will be a move, you'll still have these gorgeous plates, ramekins, gratin dishes, etc. Enjoy your beautiful porcelain, life really is too short to sweat the unimportant stuff.