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Aug 6, 2010 08:22 AM

Help! broke and "need" to buy EV olive oil

Just moved to the area and more broke than I've ever been. Any and all food snob tendencies are going out the window. I've been without olive oil for a few weeks because I can't afford it. But I need some inexpensive EV olive oil to get me by for a while. I want to buy a large tin size of it to last me a while. $20 or less would be great. I'v seen it for $27 at Giant. Any suggestions on where to get a significantly better price?

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  1. oh, I'm in the DC metro area. Cheverly MD (NE side of beltway) Don't mind driving 30 minutes or so.

      1. Trader Joe's is about the cheapest you can get without a membership to Costco or something similar.

        1. Try your nearest ethnic market-they typically have the cheapest prices. Also, Shoppers Food Warehouse and MaGruder's tned to have lesser-known cheaper brands.

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            I have tried a couple of ethnic markets with no luck. Checked shoppers today, no luck either. I'll try MaGruders next time I see one.

          2. I just picked up a big tin this past weekend at Litteri's Italian Deli in DC located in the City Market off of Florida Ave, NE. The tins range from $40 to $15.