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Help! broke and "need" to buy EV olive oil

Just moved to the area and more broke than I've ever been. Any and all food snob tendencies are going out the window. I've been without olive oil for a few weeks because I can't afford it. But I need some inexpensive EV olive oil to get me by for a while. I want to buy a large tin size of it to last me a while. $20 or less would be great. I'v seen it for $27 at Giant. Any suggestions on where to get a significantly better price?

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  1. oh, I'm in the DC metro area. Cheverly MD (NE side of beltway) Don't mind driving 30 minutes or so.

      1. Trader Joe's is about the cheapest you can get without a membership to Costco or something similar.

        1. Try your nearest ethnic market-they typically have the cheapest prices. Also, Shoppers Food Warehouse and MaGruder's tned to have lesser-known cheaper brands.

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            I have tried a couple of ethnic markets with no luck. Checked shoppers today, no luck either. I'll try MaGruders next time I see one.

          2. I just picked up a big tin this past weekend at Litteri's Italian Deli in DC located in the City Market off of Florida Ave, NE. The tins range from $40 to $15.

            1. Pompeian, available from the supermarket, is a great buy. Wine Spectator did a comparison of olive oils, and this received a best buy recommendation. It's not Laudemio, but it's alot better than the rest of the supermarket stuff.

              1. Buying Olive Oil in bulk is not a good idea, unless you are a big user of it. I am a big user of it and I can guarantee you that it will go rancid before you use it up. Trader Joes is your best bet. When I was really poor, I used to use the olive oil that the tuna came in (of course I was a big user of canned tuna packed in olive oil).

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                  I just bought a big tin of olive oil for $10 at the World Market in Falls Church. Haven't opened it yet, but I'm going through a big bottle that I got last week at the same store for $7 and it seems decent.

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                    That sounds promising! I'll have to check it out.

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                    I go through a large tin (3L) about every 3-4 months. Haven't seen a decline in quality in that amount of time so far. I'm not sure about using olive oil from a can of tuna, but I might warm up to the idea if I stay broke much longer. :)

                  3. You're on a budget, so what are you using the extra virgin olive oil for? If it's for general cooking -- frying, etc., -- then I'd go with the advice I got from a Lebanese deli owner. Don't by Extra virgin oil. Use pomace or regular olive oil instead. The flavors of what you're cooking are going to overpower everything anyway and you'll save a lot of money. Use extra virgin oil for uncooked dishes where you want the flavor of the olive oil to come through -- salads, dips, etc. Plus I think pomace oil has a higher smoke point (not sure on that) which would make it better for frying, A big can of pomace oil can usually be got for less than $20. Then save some money and get a small bottle of extra virgin for when you need it.

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                      I've always found regular oilve oil to be about the same price as EV, if I can find it at all in (somewhat) large quantities. Where do you get yours?
                      I don't deep fry or cook on high with olive oil, but I do most other cooking with it. I've never had problems with the smoking point being too low.

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                        The last time was at Prima Foods. Distinctly cheaper.

                    2. thanks for all the suggestions! I'll let you know what I find.

                      1. If you're in Cheverly, try Litteri's in the Florida Avenue Market. On Morse Street.
                        They've probably got 100 different olive oils in all sizes and qualities. I buy the 3 liter tins and have never had a problem with them going rancid. I usually ask which one the caterers are buying from the current stock. That's generally a good value.
                        Litteri's has terrific prices on all kinds of Italian products. Some of the lowest you're going to find in the metro area, especially for the quality. And when you get some breathing room, they have great wine prices.

                        There are lots of bargains to be had at the wholesale market. There's a tofu factory where you can buy it for cheap. Good prices for lots of stuff once you explore.

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                          A. Litteri's is a great place for all things Italian and their prices are great. When I was broke, I used to also buy the really, really big tomato cans and make a tone of sauce. What I wished I had done was buy a 20lb bag of basmati rice for $15.00. You will never go hungry with 20lbs of rice.

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                            Oooh that IS close. And I know I won't be broke forever. I can see myself frequenting that place long after I need cheap olive oil. THANKS!

                          2. This is an old post, but if you are still looking, Sapore Oil & Vinegar is open on Capital Hill, across from the Eastern Market metro. Most 375 ml bottles are $15.95 and the evoo is fresh!