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Aug 6, 2010 07:57 AM

Good Place for 21st Birthday dinner?

ok, so I am taking my little brother to las vegas for his 21st birthday. we will be in vegas early next week and I am wondering where to go for dinner. i am looking for somewhere with amazing food, but isn't too highly priced. I would like to have a good meal for less than 100 bucks a person! Any help or suggestions would be helpful! Also, I am looking for a place with a relaxed dress suits and ties, its vegas in august! thank you!

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  1. Could you narrow it down a little bit? Are you thinking $100 food drinks tax and tip all included? Any specific type of food you're after? Any specific atmosphere?

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      well, i would like meal and drinks to be around 100 bucks a not concerned if tax and tip go over 100. even a little more than that is ok, i am just trying to get an idea. as far as what kind of food, i was thinking either a steak house or maybe some italian food. as far as atmosphere, it is a 21st birthday dinner so i would like things a little loose and not so stuffy. Thanks for your help!

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        Well, a little more on the stuffy side you could try MIX at THEHotel at Mandalay Bay. It's going to be less than $100 a person but you'll have to watch your order. The view is killer and the cocktails are excellent.

        Another cool option, although also on the stuffy end, would be Nove, at the Palms. A bit on the pricey side, however Playboy Club/Moon is right upstairs. You can dress for the club and then slip up to the Playboy Club and then to Moon for one of the better clubs in Vegas. That would be a really cool way to celebrate a 21st.

        If has any coupons, Stripsteak is a really good value as well.

        If you want to keep it more causal, you could always hit Stripburger outside the fashion mall. Great burgers, good cocktails, and great scenery.

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          What about craftsteak? Outstanding food, decent portions, served family style so you could pick a few things and share them. You'd spend about half your budget on the meat but then could add a side and a drink or two and be under budget - if you wanted to go apps/main/dessert it won't work for you, though.

      2. Smith & Wollensky's

        Smith & Wollensky
        3767 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109