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Aug 6, 2010 05:43 AM


I was in a seafood market that I frequent. I saw this fish that had never heard of. it was reasonably priced and the description said, tastes just like Chilean Seabass. I bought some for my husband, a little over a half pound. I baked it and he had it, it was delicious. The day after he had a horrible digestive reaction, I won't go into detail, but he was ready to go to the hospital! He went online and found an article that said a fish called escolar has caused the exact symptoms he experianced in other people. The article also gave alot of other info like escolar is banned in many countries, you are only supposed to eat 6 oz and always grill it to remove the excess oil. I thought I'd let you know and see if anyone else has had escolar.

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  1. There is a problem with a cheaper fish being substituted for Escolar. Oilfish looks similar and it is this fish that often produces the extreme gastrointestinal distress. Mis- labeling of fish, especially in non-coastal areas is a constant problem, and it is illegal.

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      That's interesting, but the article did specificly say escolar. So is oilfish much more oily that escolar?

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        I believe yes, but they are both tropical fin fish from deep water mostly imported from Taiwan. I just called a friend, who works at the local Marine Research Facility and she said many people/countries use Oilfish and Escolar interchangeably. So there is some confusion here. She also said Escolar is known for being "extremely" oily.

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          Thank you for checking on that! The fact that it is so oily and I did not know how to prepare it was my my husband had his "problem". They should probably let you know that before you buy it! It was very tasty though!!

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. If I hadn't read about it, I never would've known it; I've had escolar twice, and loved it. It's nothing like Chilean sea bass or any other fish, for that matter, taste or texture wise. Fortunately, I never had a bad reaction but I'm afraid to press my luck any further. It was an amazing, delicious fish, with a indescribable texture and taste... no other fish to compare it to.

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          They say if you have 6oz or under and you grill it to cook out the excess oil you should be fine. I do not think I could convince my husband to try it again though!

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            Well, yeah, once burned, twice shy! I know mine was roasted, not grilled, and probably at least 6 oz, but maybe not more. The description made me think of those chips that made folks have oily leakage, and those diet pills, like Orlistat. YICK. Fabulous fish, though.

        2. It's also high in mercury... I think I'll pass, thanks.

            both fish are cousins and look alike and or very close with so many deep ocean treats out there it seems foolish to eat it even japan bans it and they sell fugu which apparently in japan is still sold under certain required license and they also have about 100 deaths there a year due to fugu poisoning so if they do not eat it why should we