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Aug 6, 2010 04:38 AM

Best Ethnic Restaurants in Rome???

This post is directed at those of you who are living in Rome and have eaten excellent ethnic food here. I'm trying to compile a list of best ethnic food.

This is my list so far...


I have yet to find an excellent (not ridiculously expensive) Chinese restaurant.


My vote goes to Zen Sush, which has never disappointed me


Maharajah...not excellent, but quite good.

(If there are others, please let me know)


I've yet to find an excellent Mexican restaurant. La Cucaracha is so so.


Are there any French restaurants in Rome?


Sad to say, the only semi-decent American restaurant I've been to is the Hard Rock Cafe.


Am trying Sukhothai tonight...fingers crossed.


I've been to Itaca, which was good but not great...

Excellent Iranian food at Taberna Persiana

Any others??? if any of you know or love any ethnic restaurants here in Rome, I'd love to hear what they are.


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  1. There is wonderful Ethiopian restaurant on the Prenestina called Enquatatash. In my opinion, it is far and away the best and most authentic I have tried, beating out Sahara, Africa, and Asmara. Here is Enquatatash's web site

    1. Japanese: Sushiko on Via degli Irpini, 8 (San Lorenzo)
      Chinese: Hang Zhou on Via Bixio, 55 (Esquilino) or Citta' d'Oriente on Via di Priscilla, 93/95 (Africano)
      Indian: Kohinoor on Via Aurelia, 32 (Vaticano) or Shanti on Via Fabio Massimo, 68 (Prati)
      Greek: Egeo on Via Augusto Dulceri, 99 (Prenestino)

      Any suggestions for Thai, Malaysian, or Viet Namese?

      1. Indian: Jaipur in Trastevere, Via S. Francesco a Ripa.

        1. Oh bless you for posting this! Looking forward to trying some of your places. Here's what we've found:

          Chinese: agreed - have found cheap but not excellent.

          Japanese: WokWe on Viale Regina Margherita, 19 (near Via Salaria) has an all-you-can-eat sushi belt for 19.95, and upstairs is Mongolian bbq/mixed asian buffet also all-you-can-eat (not the typical Italian "just fill up one plate" but actual "go back as many times as you want" for 19.95. Not the best sushi in town, but decent, consistent, and safe (we eat there all the time), and you can't beat the price. The upstairs mongolian bbq/buffet is surprisingly good and a great place to bring picky eaters because they'll find something, even if it's just grilled chicken breast and a salad.

          Indian: Have also tried Himalay's Kashmir down by Piazza Vittorio Emanuelle II - more Pakistani than Indian - decent and cheap tasting menu but not the nicest area. Jaipur on Via di San Francesco a Ripa in Trastevere is good too, as is Surya Mahal (Piazza Trilussa).

          Mexican: Sadly, we go to Hard Rock for guacamole and fajitas - nothing else even comes close. Tried a place on Nomentana but it was pretty weak (Fiestas and Siestas or something like that - their version of guac was sour cream with green food coloring).

          American: Agreed, Hard Rock is the best option. We've tried a few of the T-Bones but have never been impressed.

          Thai: We like Sala Thai on Via Topino between Piazza Verbano and Corso Trieste - consistently good and apparently the only place in Rome to get cilantro on a regular basis!

          Greek: Mythos on Via Flavia is fine for take-away. The only decent sit-down we've had is at Akropolis in Trastevere (Via di San Francesco a Ripa, 103), and even there, the atmosphere isn't amazing. Both are run by actual Greeks, but overall we're surprised at how few Greek places there are in Rome.

          German - If you want German beer and a plate of brats, or even just big chewy pretzels, Lowenhaus off Piazza del Popolo (right by Brillo Parlante) is one option.

          Other: For some reason Blau Kongo (Swedish!?!?!) gets rave reviews on TripAdvisor but we haven't tried it yet.

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            Thank you for this, BahamaViking!

            FYI Today I went to Open Baladin--a beer and burger joint on Via degli Specchi . They have a very good selection of beers, great burgers and wonderful homemade french fries/potato chips.

          2. Has anyone been to Thien Kim, a Vietnamese restaurant a few blocks from the French Embassy on the Via Giulia?

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              I was there once a few years back...the ambiance was nice, but the food was not especially memorable.