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Aug 6, 2010 04:26 AM

Seaside Heights - anything worth eating?

For this Saturday. If possible, in Seaside Heights, and not nearby - anything at any price range from a hole in the wall to fine dining, anything at all?

I will be heading back through Point Pleasant, so I know a few places there. But anything very nearby or on my way that I should consider?

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  1. Well, Seal, if you haven't had a Maruca's pie yet, I submit that it's a necessary stop on the Eternal Pizza Vision Quest.

    Other than that, I'd say the best food geek stop at the bottom end of the Barnegat Pennisula is the Park Bakery (which I guess is actually in Seaside Park, sorry). One of the few true bakeries left along a shoreline that was once rich with them.

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      Only thing I remember of "great" food, when I was 16, clams on the half shell, Italian sausage, pepper and onion sandwiches, and the great frozen custard (forget the name), all on the boardwalk.

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        Seal - As far as fine dining, I would drive to Seaside Park and try the Atlantic Bar and Grill. BTW, +1 on the Maruca's recommendation. It's a must stop.

        Osprey - I believe the name of the custard company is Kohr's.

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          BGUT1 Yes, YES that is it KOHR'S.........Thanks

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            Kohr's is still great by the way....who doesn't want some soft serve on a pleasant summer evening?

    2. I hear very good things about the new AVA's on the Bay Restaurantat the foot of the Seaside bridge


      1. Sawmill for a slice at midnight. Midway for a sausage sandwich.

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          I used to enjoy the Sawmill when it was a dive bar and pizza joint where you could sit at the bar next to the open garage doors and watch the ugly people stroll by on the boards. Since they morphed into a Fern/Sports Ba & NYC style meat market upstairs I'm afraid it lost it's soul...

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            It's still a dive. Don't let the TVs fool you.

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              But it's a closed off air conditioning contaminated space with no actual spiritual connection to the boardwalk anymore. it could be located in Lakewood for all the atmosphere it sorely lacks now. The pizza is better than Pizza Hut, but the ambiance is on par...

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                Oh I hear ya. There's no soul left.

        2. Good breakfast and lunch at Ryan's Deli on the Boulevard.

          1. Make sure you & your wife hit up "Karma" for some cocktails & so you can dance "fist pump" style like the rest of the cast from "Jersey Shore". :)

            Why not go up Route 37 and go into Toms River for Bistro 44? Thanks to bgut, my new recommendation to everyone seeking quality and wonderfully prepared food!!

            Enjoy and let us know!

            Bistro 44
            44 Washington St Ste 2C, Toms River, NJ 08753

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              Angelina I'll agree with you on Bistro 44 ...simply fantastic ...our local favorite every time!
              chef Erik does it right!

              Bistro 44
              44 Washington St Ste 2C, Toms River, NJ 08753