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Aug 5, 2010 10:56 PM


Hi guys,

I'm attempting to make those chinese paper lined sponge cakes and it calls for ovalette. Any idea where I can find this ingredient. I would only need a small amount of it. Thanks!

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  1. There was an old thread that I can no longer find where someone was giving this away. I don't really know where to find it locally. (I used to have some. I got that from a friend who's family is an importer for Ovalette in Indonesia.) I think that boxed steam cake pre-mix from Asia contains Ovalette or a similar stabilizer. Perhaps use some of that if you can't find a source?

    1. I did a little googling and found this blog post on sponge cake made without ovalette. Apparently you can substitute a tablespoon of condensed milk for ovalette.

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          Thanks guys for the info. Ovalette doesn't seem to be a common ingredient, but I'm determined to re-create those super moist and fluffy chinese sponge cakes. I've also read that substituing w/ baking soda will also work? Will let you all know!

        2. The original comment has been removed