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Aug 5, 2010 08:22 PM

please help! can i have a normal honeymoon?

b"h my fiance and I will be getting married at the end of march. We are looking to find a place to honeymoon, some sort of beach resort (preferably all-inclusive), but can't seem to find anywhere with kosher food... Everyone just says to bring your own, but after doing all the wedding planning and whatnot, I don't want to start cooking on a hot plate on the floor in our hotel room. Any ideas for a place that we can just go on a normal honeymoon? Even somewhere with kosher restaurants nearby? Also, Israel is out of the question, as my fiance is Israeli and we would be talked into staying with his family (none of whom keep kosher). I was hoping for Caribbean, but at this point anything will do... Also, we cannot take pre-made travel meals (long complicated reason).

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    1. If you decide go to Oahu in Hawaii, Oahu Kosher will deliver freshly made food to your hotel room. We were also able to arrange delivery of hot food on Hawaii's Big Island with Chabad of Big Island.

      1. Also, Chabad of Puerto Rico delivers to hotels all over the island. We used them when we stayed in Fajardo. Their food was fabulous.

        1. Is San Diego exotic enough for you? You could sail, surf, hot air balloon, jet ski and go to Sea World. Some of the fanciest hotels have catering brought in (4 Seasons, La Costa) and there are a few casual restaurants. There are some truly nice hotels on the beach.

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            I second the idea. We ended doing just that for our honeymoon...a few days in San Diego, and a few days in other parts of california. It isn't quite as exotic as some of the typical honeymoon destinations, but it really is a beautiful spot and in the end, good kosher food options won out. It's also close enough to LA to fly in/out of LAX. The drive down is lovely and that way, we were able to get in two really nice dinners in LA.
            We eventually had our more exotic trip in Maui, and we used Noah's Ark for meals. They will ship directly to your hotel, and the hotel restaurant warmed them up for us, double wrapped. The meals were good but not as good as Pats : )

            1. re: MartyB

              To answer the question, yes and no. It all depends how exotic you want.

              For starters, Marty B, what part of the thread starter saying Israel is not an option did you miss or just ignore?

              Unless you try out to new Resort in the Dominican Republic or wait until next winter for the Acapulco resort you are out of luck for a warm carribeanesque destination. As others have said you can have Chabad cook your meals but probably not what you are looking for.
              You can go to Europe and have the options of restaurants or you can do the same in certain South American countries......I say, take 2 weeks and go down under. Between Melbourne and Sydney you will eat well.

              1. re: HungryJew

                Along those lines, Argentina may be a great option. As far as I know, and I haven't been there, it's beautiful and there are a lot of kosher options. Australia, ironically enough, doesn't have many great kosher options. There are plenty in Sydney and Melbourne, but I don't think that there are upscale places.

                1. re: craigcep

                  Kimberley (in Melbourne) is reasonably upscale, but that's it; everything else is on the shnitzel/pizza/chinese level. I'm not aware of any upscale places in Sydney. And outside the Jewish areas of those two cities, there are no kosher restaurants anywhere in Australia.

                  1. re: HungryJew

                    I just want to reinforce that the Chabad catering on Oahu and in Puerto Rico is not just the local Chabad house cooking you dinner. They both have serious catering businesses and will deliver hot lunches and hot dinners to you with little notice.

                    You could easily stay at the Ritz Carlton in San Juan, Puerto Rico and have great hot meals delivered to your door at mealtimes for a small fee. We found the portions to be very large (most entrees fed at least 2 people) and reasonably priced for what we got.

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                      Woops, I missd that point - jumped the gun and only read the first two sentences - as they say, never mind!