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Aug 5, 2010 07:40 PM

Looking for a non-noisy restauarant in Denver

Four of us are going out tomorrow night including my father who has a hard time hearing in a noisy restaurant. We want something nice with good food and service, but can't be a big cavernous space like Duo (LOVE the food there but not with my dad). Any recs?

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  1. Maybe Highlands Garden Cafe -- same neighbhorhood as Duo???

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    1. re: ClaireWalter

      I recently had this challenge with a friends 80 yr old Father, we did dinner at Tables one night and it was good, although he said the chairs were hard, lol. The second night we did dinner at Vesta, where he got a private tour of the kitchen, which I thought was great:

      1822 Blake St
      Denver, CO 80202
      Neighborhoods: Northwest, Lodo

      (303) 296-1970

      2267 Kearney St.
      Denver, CO 80207
      ph. 303.388.0299

      1. re: tesnjen

        Thanks for the suggestions! We decided on Shaz, because it is just a few blocks from our house and it never seems too busy when we pass by. Well, that was unfortunately not our experience... We had reservations and came about a half hour early with the intention of sitting at the bar for a drink. They told us they could seat us now, so we sat instead. I think maybe they were afraid they wouldn't have any tables left because it was PACKED. Service was horrible- it took 45 minutes to get our drinks! The appetizers were lackluster, but the main entrees were quite good. At the end of the night our waitress apologized to us and told us that it was the last night to redeem their Groupon discount and all these people were walk-ins, they were not prepared for it. She did comp the drinks that took 45 minutes which we appreciated. Oh yeah, and of course with all those people it was quite noisy but my father was a good sport.