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Aug 5, 2010 06:32 PM

Best Steak Frites in Paris?

Looking for best steak frites in Paris...any location! Nothing too fancy, but don't need a budget option either. Thanks!

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  1. For once an easy one.Others may not find it quite as easy, but it is. L 'Ami Louis, end of story.
    Yes it is a cote d'boeuf for two, yes the frites are not as good as the potato cake, like a Pommes Anna, but it is the one dish l make sure l get in Paris every time l am there, every time. Yes they sell good ones at Robert and Louise, l'm told. Also at Chez Denise, even at l'Entrecote and others, but no not L 'Ami Louis. OK take your best shot Guys and Gals

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      Well, l'Ami Louis was the easy response, I agree. But L'Ami Jean now is one the market (although there is no fries) with its specially aged cote de boeuf.

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        Let's do both this year and l forgot Le Grand Pan as well

    2. The website Paris by Mouth recently asked its contributing editors to list their favorite places for steak frites and the Severo was the overall favorite. You can read about it here

      I'm sad to say I have not tried L'Ami Louis.

      I have also heard very good things about Le Voltaire's steak frites.

      1. Had a very good steak frites in … Rouen, at L'Espiglette.
        Sorriest this is off topic ma non troppo.
        Rouen, a lovely town by its own right, is only an hour away by train and everyone, I mean everyone, should go see the great exhibit on the impressionists at the Beaux Arts museum (until late September).

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          I am from Rouen. A lovely, beautiful town, with a wonderful food market (le Clos Saint-Marc, especially on Saturdays) doubling as a flea market, and one of the two largest Renaissance city centers in France (Lyon comes first I think). And a lot of good food to be had, though it is more a city of home dining than of restaurants.
          Glad to know there is a good steak-frites as well.

        2. I have not ordered steak frites at a great many Paris cafes, but enjoyed Chez Denise so much on my first visit, I returned the following evening, ordering onglet (hanger steak, w/frites) both times. In the attached photo taken from a New York Times article, I believe that the man on the left is having onglet. A Chez Denise portion of that is two large steaks.

          Although the frites probably were not worth a special trip, they were eminently satisfactory, and plentiful, enough for two people. Rarely have I ever dined among so many people having such an enjoyable, animated, festive evening, as at Chez Denise, and almost all of them seemed to be French.

          1. Les Gourmets des Ternes (metro: Ternes) has a variety of steak dishes that start at 22 euros and goes up to 38 euros. This is very much a "regulars" place, so your best bet is to go for lunch. The staff is known for a hint of "attitude" so dress appropriately.

            I second Voltaire. It is primarily a businessman's spot due to location; you might find it a tad fancy (no flip-flops in evidence).

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              Thank you all for the suggestions - these are great! We're going to Paris in October, will be there 4 nights and are firming up some good lunch and dinner options. I have some other posts out there if you want to chime in on those. Thanks again!