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Aug 5, 2010 05:42 PM

First visit to LV!!!

I'll be in Vegas for the first time in a couple of weeks and I'd love to get a few recommendations for where to eat. I'm a little overwhelmed by the selection, so please tell me where to go. Down-homey is fine, fancy is long as the food is good. We're staying at Ceasar's, but willing to travel a bit. We'll be there from a Thursday to a Sunday.


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  1. I highly suggest going to Bouchon for brunch one day. Probably the best breakfast in town.

    Also, what type of food are you interested in and how much are you willing to spend? Dinners can range from 30/pp to 500/pp.

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      Payard in the Forum Shops at Caesars offers an excellent 3-course lunch for $19.

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        Or go to Payard for breakfast. The crepes with Nutella and carmelized bananas are to die for.

        Mesa Grill at Caesars for brunch on Saturday or Sunday is excellent. The sweet potato/spicy chicken hash is fantastic, and my friend swears by their chilaquiles and bloody mary's as a hangover cure.

        Off the strip, Lotus of Siam for Thai is fantastic. People on this board also highly recommend Raku for sushi and Japanese small plates (I have yet to go, though it is always on my list when I go to Vegas). If you are feeling particularly poor, the lunch buffet at Namaste (which is next door to Lotus of Siam) is a great deal -- excellent Indian food for about $10 per person.

        Mesa Grill
        3570 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

        Lotus of Siam
        953 E Sahara Ave Ste A5, Las Vegas, NV 89104

    2. Okay, I realized that I jumped the gun and posted before searching the board...and that my question is probably the most commonly asked and therefore the least interesting to answer. My apologies.

      So perhaps a little more detail would help. I have no looked at the board responses to similar questions in the past and I think my challenge will be having too many good options. Oh. My. God you have so many restaurants. I'm from Toronto - we have restaurants, but I think that the strip might have more than we do in the whole city. Intimidating.

      We'll be staying at Caesar's, but that doesn't mean we aren't willing to go further afield (though perhaps breakfast near the hotel would be good). We will have a car for some of the trip, so if there are "must see's" off the strip, or even out of Vegas proper, I'd love to hear - some of the best meals I've had have been down and BBQ in central Texas eaten off butcher paper. Anyway... to price...I won't say it isn't an object, as I don't want to splurge at every meal. We land quite late and will likely want to explore the first night, so we have the time for two longer dinners, one "get me food now" dinner, three luncheons, three breakfasts...and much opportunity for snacks. Let's say one of those dinners could be a break-the-bank meal and the other two good food, preferably under $200? It would be good to get more brunch suggestions (thanks A5 KOBE for the Bouchon suggestion)...and lunch (thanks westie) - I think most of the suggestions I've seen on the rest of the board are for celebratory dinner-type-places, so those may be covered, unless you have a particular favorite. Or know that one is closed over the last week of August.

      As to food we like...well, we love sushi, French, Italian (any, but with a special fondness for Tuscan), real Mexican, I like husband has never experienced southern cuisine... The only things that aren't hits are tourist-trap food (this one's probably obvious), and molecular gastronomy.

      As a thought, it would be great to get suggestions for a blow out meal...and also restaurants with character...or the ones you can't stop going back to...(like the one where you celebrate getting a job interview, rather than a 50 birthday or 25th anniversary).

      I'm probably babbling and incoherent - I just hope I haven't offended anyone by asking the most boring question ever.


      3355 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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        Another Torontonian who just got back from Vegas - it's overwhelming, huh? How late do you land? Julian Serrano in Aria is open pretty late (we had 10pm reservations there) and is very good, might work for your first night. If you're talking about exploring the casinos are open 24/7 so there will be plenty of time for seeing the sights after you've eaten. Or you could hit Bradley Ogden, which is in Ceasars, although not sure how late they're open - they have a $29 prix fixe menu with what's been called the best burger ever (and which I can attest is pretty damn good).

        My personal 'keep going back' restaurant (bearing in mind I've only been twice) is craftsteak - the short ribs specifically are phenomenal but everything I've had there has been outstanding. My favourite restaurant from our most recent trip was Bartolotta, they fly in their fish daily (if you've ever been to Chiado in Toronto it's that style of place) and make the best pasta I've ever eaten.

        I also really recommend Taqueira Canonita in the Venetian, although I think it's more tex-mex than real Mexican. Their happy hour runs from 2-7 with $5 margaritas and $6 apps - we had a couple and made a late lunch of it.

        Costs in Vegas tend to pile up pretty quickly and portions are big - we tended to eat either breakfast or lunch and saved money and stomach room for big dinners. Swing by Payard or the Bouchon bakery for some outstanding pastries to snack on. And make sure to swing by Vosges chocolates in the Forum Shoppes for some curry ice cream - sounds crazy but it was incredible.

        Have fun!

        3355 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

        Bradley Ogden
        3570 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

        1. re: morrigan

          Bradley Ogden does have a great burger. It is fantastic. My only gripe is that the food in the restaurant has declined and I really only eat at the lounge.

          For a fantastic French dinner without breaking the bank, I would go for L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon. They have an excellent tasting for around 150pp or you can eat off the a la carte menu. The "le burger" is probably the best I have had in the city and it is topped with a large slice of foie gras.

          I go to Michael Mina in Bellagio just to get the lobster pot pie. If you have not tried it before I highly suggest it.

          Tableau in the Wynn also has a fantastic brunch/breakfast. Always a must visit.

          Mesa Grill has a brunch as well and would go there just to get the grits. Everything else is so so. But those grits *drool*

          Like I said before, Bouchon is great french bistro fare for either brunch (weekends), breakfast or dinner. Brunch is always the best though. Chicken and Waffles, pomme frites, great selection of oysters, beignets, strawberry croissant *drool*. Also stop by the Bouchon bakery in Venetian for some of great macrons and nutter butters.

          Another favorite is CUT in the Palazzo which is definitely in walking distance. I have been there 7 times already and it is just a must visit for me. I just love a great steak and CUT will offer the best bovine in town. The Japanese A5 Wagyu is literally melt in your mouth. Desserts are also amazing.

          Hope this helps and enjoy!

          1. re: A5 KOBE

            If I understand the current situation correctly, don't count on Japanese beef any time soon. A couple of months ago, a hoof-and-mouth outbreak in Japan caused a ban on the importation of Japanese beef. When I recently ate at CUT, they offered a good-but-not-great Australian substitute.

            If the article at is correct, we may not get Wagyu until the middle of 2011, or even later.