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Aug 5, 2010 05:37 PM

Regina's Thatcher St North End?

Haven't been there in decades. Used to go religiously on Sunday afternoons. Anyone have a comment on whether it's worth going again or should I just keep my fond memories of the old days.

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  1. It probably hasn't skipped a beat since your last visit.

    It gets my vote for the most consistant pizza place in Boston.

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      1. re: galleygirl

        Regina's pepperoni & Umberto's slices get my vote as the most consistant pizza in Boston. Choosing between them is like trying to pick your favorite child ..........

        1. re: southie_chick

          Ditto. Both are great. I also like Fig's (Oliver's and Classico di Baffetti), Upper Crust (super thin sausage) and Flatbread (Jay's Heart). I want pizza now!

    1. go and eat and have new great memories

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      1. re: Northender

        This is THE PLACE for the ABSOLUTE BEST Pizza in Boston! PERIOD!!!

        1. I was there two weeks ago and the food was as good as ever. FYI, Regina's now accepts credit cards.

          1. Regina = Great Pizza. Nothing like the Giambotta, well done, anchovies on the side (ask for fish in the dish). For one of the best people-watching seats in town have a glass of red and a slice at the bar!

            Regina Pizza
            11 1/2 Thacher St, Boston, MA 02113