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Aug 5, 2010 05:03 PM

Gilt of Four Seasons for Anniversary

Looking for a delicious and glamorous meal for 38th anniversary in late August. We have not gone out lately and we want something special. We like The Modern at MOMA, but want something different. We are thinking of Gilt or Four Seasons or other suggestions.

The Four Seasons
99 East 52nd Street, New York, NY 10022

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  1. We have not been to the Four Seasons, but we have been to Gilt. While the room is stunning and service was first-rate, the food didn't wow me. Desserts were especially disappointing.

    Gilt photos here:

    My first choice, as always, would be EMP. But I also like the following: Veritas, Cafe Boulud, Jean Georges, Picholine, and SHO Shaun Hergatt.