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Aug 5, 2010 04:20 PM

Desperately Seeking Soup: Jocoque

I'm visiting the San Diego area for a few more days and have been seeking out authentic Mexican Jocoque. I am having major pregnant lady cravings, can anyone tell me where I can find some? I've only had the dish in Mexico, but figured San Diego is pretty close to the border, there has to be a place around here making this stuff! Anyone? Please help me and my unborn child!

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  1. I always thought jocoque was a dairy crema like product, often used to make enchiladas. I have never seen it on the shelves in SD. Its likely to be had if you make it down to Tijuana. Can you explain a little more of what you know it to be?

    1. Hi Folks-

      We are going to ask you to confine your replies to recommending where in San Diego County Jocoque can be found. Replies about i's origins, how to make it, or how great it was at home or back in Mexico will not help dmaciel find Jocoque in San Diego Country.

      We have split off and moved the expanded discussion about what is jocoque to it's own thread on General Topics, here: