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Aug 5, 2010 03:57 PM

BARcelona Tapas, Indianapolis

Hi Chowhounders,

What are your experiences with and opinions on this place?

I had lunch there recently and ordered (from the full menu):
Gazpacho Andaluz
Tres Quesos ("Manchego, Cabrales and goat cheese with Spanish picos")
Champinon con Mahon ("Chilled marinated mushrooms with Mahon cheese")
Pan con Alioli ("Warm garlic bread with olive oil")
Calamari frito ("Crispy calamari with Romesco sauce")
Bacalao ("Crispy codfish and potato cakes with lemon garlic alioli")
Atun con Pimienta ("Pepper encrusted tuna with Rioja sauce")

Of these dishes - and for my taste - I enjoyed only the calamari (they were pretty good) and was fine with the tuna. The garlic bread and gazpacho were OK but forgettable, the codfish was pasty and odd, the cheese plate and mushrooms were dreadful. The olives on the cheese plate were fine.

The cheese plate consisted of a SCOOP [as in ice-cream scoop] of a blue-cheese concoction with other stuff in it (presumably supposed to be the Cabrales), a scoop of the presumably goat cheese stuff (again seemingly some kind of mixture); and slices of a yellow semi-hard cheese (?the Manchego??). I don't remember there being any picos with the plate. I took only a few forkfuls of the two scoops. Not enjoyable.

The marinated mushrooms plate consisted of RAW ordinary white mushrooms smothered with gloopy ORANGE cheese of dubious taste (presumably the Mahon cheese??) and sprinkled with something else that I don't remember the identity of. Whether the cheese was Mahon cheese or not, I would have thought 'marinated mushrooms' did not mean crunchy raw mushrooms? Also not enjoyable.

Comments appreciated.

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  1. I haven't eaten here but wanted to especially when I came across a coupon for $10.99 for 50% Off Food Bill and 8 Buy One on the mySimon Daily Deals site I will send my feedback once I try it.

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    1. re: adamsni

      Looking forwards to your remarks.

    2. I have been only a couple of times. I think it is great that it gives an option for something "different" in Indy. Overall, I have found the food to be mediocre. I have enjoyed the Queso de Cabra (goat cheese baked in a tomato sauce) and the olive plate (hard to mess this up!), but most everything else I have had has been very average. In my book, it is a lively place that is fun with a group and a nice change of pace for Indy, but don't expect too much from the food.

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      1. re: mem53

        "it is a lively place that is fun with a group and a nice change of pace for Indy, but don't expect too much from the food."


        1. re: mem53

          I guess not, re: the food.

          There were indeed several "office-type groups", a couple quite large, in the place the day I had lunch. They were drinking jugfuls of sangria and being fairly boisterous.

        2. I have been there three times, each time it gets a little less desirable. The same remoulade sauce, and same menu. Too bad, the concept is nice and the location is hopeful.

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          1. re: edelase

            I've never been because I don't enjoy THEMED out places because the focus is never on the food...but rather an idyllic escape to some 'disney interpreted' exotic land. Unfortunately, the Indy culture clings to themes, safe and filling food. Hence the ice cream scoops of domesticated cheese spreads with filling bread...LOL! Oh well, things are starting to change hopefully.