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Looking for great grinder rolls in the Hartford area

I've had zero luck finding them. I'm talking about the kind of rolls you get at a good pizza place, 12"-16" long and crusty yet soft. Grocery store grinder rolls are a joke, I've tried them all. Help?

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  1. try mozzicattos on Franklin Ave in Hartford. They are good, better than grocery stores, but still not great. they supply a number or grinder shops.

    1. we like bairrada on park road in hartford just over the line from west hartford, portugese rolls

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        I was actually going to ask about Portuguese bread too. The Hartford Stop and Shop has it once in a while, but usually different brands and sometimes it stinks. I go up Park Street a few times a week and see the bakeries, but I've never stopped at one. Does Bairrada make a good load of Portuguese bread? I'm talking about the big round sliced loaves that make great sandwiches. Would love to find a local spot with good ones.

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          honestly we have never bought a loaf, but love the rolls, I agree with the First and Last bread, delicious!

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            There is a small fish store on Park Stree which has (had) great Portuguese country bread and also carries fresh cheese. A slice of bread slathered with fresh cheese is the bomb!

            The other bakeries, Estella, Bairrada and Abrantes all carry nices loaves as well. Look out for the corn bread when they have it, it is also very tasty.

        2. The First and Last Restaurant on Maple St. in Hartford has a cafe and bakery across the street. I think that they might have what you are looking for.

          1. I'd like to find some too. The portugese bakeries on Park St. have decent rolls I've used for years. (Get one with butter to munch). Difiore's pasta on Franklin Ave has great round rolls from Arthur Ave in the Bronx. You can get the Chibaso breads at many supermarkets. Right now I'm stuck on the baquettes from La Petite France in West Hartford center.

            La Petite France Cafe
            349 Main St, Hyannis, MA 02601

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              The baguettes at Hartford Baking Company on New Park Ave. in Hartford are even better than the ones at La Petite France. They have other breads also.

              La Petite France Cafe
              349 Main St, Hyannis, MA 02601

            2. I saw a clear bag of about a dozen long (16"?) pizza shop style grinder rolls in the dumpster at my apartment today, so I know they're out there somewhere. I couldn't quite bring myself to reach in and pull them out to check the label..

              1. iulianos bakery in manchester,,spruce st. best grinder rolls ever. also try a grinder or any of the italian breads.

                1. Ok, I SHOULD keep this place secret, but the "grinder" rolls here are NOTHING short of amazing. A step down in crustiness and chewy from say a ciabatta......in a good way. You know when you eat a sandwich of really really good "italian" bread, and the damage it can do to your mouth?(just wasn't meant to be consumed as a part of a sandwich) Well, these rolls have substance and flavor....the crumb is pretty tight (which I wish it was a little less) BUT, they toast well, they are capable of absorbing a good amount of sauce without falling apart.....they are simple GREAT rolls to use for an italian style grinder, deserving of top notch salumi.....

                  San Remo's bakery. Berlin Ct. I STOPPED looking for "the" roll once I was introduced to these. 12-14 inches long. Sometimes I get them........they are still warm. I've had better bread, just not better bread for a grinder....THE BEST.

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                    Well, you talked me into it. I called a little while ago to make sure they were open and had some grinder rolls. The guy who answered said they did mostly wholesale on the 14" grinder rolls and sometimes put out leftovers for retail sale. He asked if I had an hour and a half, and offered to bake some for me. I couldn't resist, and will be picking them up shortly. Hopefully the rolls are as good as the service.

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                      This thread just popped up........I'm wondering how the rolls were?

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                        Unfortunately, the rolls were just so-so. Nothing like what you get at a good pizza/grinder joint.

                        I'm still looking...

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                          I'd follow the advice about Iuliano's Bakery in Manchester. Really some of the best Italian bread and rolls ever.......

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                            If it's the same rolls they use for the (great) salami grinders, I agree, good stuff, just a bit chewy and not really pizza/grinder shop style.

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                              get the pizza place where you like em to sell you some!

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                                agreed. I love Iuliano's bread, cannolis and their awesome grinders. So plain yet so delicious.

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                                  where does Franklin Ave Giant Grinder get their rolls?
                                  thats where you go.