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MSP - Who's got the best mac and cheese?

Looking for the restaurant with best best mac and cheese. Entree preferred, but if it's a side and phemoneal, I'd love ot know that too.

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  1. I have not eaten it, but have friends who beg for a trip to the Chatterbox for their mac and cheese. You can modify it with a few options to make it more your own.

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      I have to say, I think Chatterbox's mac and cheese is kind of disappointing. The time I had it it was pretty watery and didn't have the gooey texture or rich taste I associate with great mac and cheese.

    2. Yum! in St. Louis Park is my favorite for mac and cheese.

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        For me, Redstone by far. i also order it as my side with my burger. in its own skilley with a nice crunchy top

      2. The Kitchen in Stillwater.

        1. If you like truffle oil in your mac & cheese, try the Birchwood version. Me, I think it's over-the-top and too rich, but I still love it.

          Birchwood Cafe
          3311 E 25th St, Minneapolis, MN 55406

            1. Sapor (downtown MPLS) has phenomenal Mac and Cheese with excellent bacon (Fisher Farms?). A very underappreciated restaurant, if the number of diners on a given night is any indication!

              Sapor Cafe-Bar
              428 Washington Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55401

              1. Chatterbox has a delicious version of mac & cheese! I usually do the artichoke/spinach dip addiiton...but you can add ham, peppers, etc. to your dish. ..there are many additions. Very cheesy!! Yum!

                1. Cafe Maude in South Minneapolis. It's fantastic!!!

                  Cafe Maude
                  5411 Penn Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55419

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                    I'll second Maude for upscale. For more a more blue collar take, Smalley's in Stillwater has a great one.

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                      I love the Mac & Cheese @ Smalley's. Bacon. Awesome.

                  2. I've now discovered the really best mac & cheese....King's wine bar on 46th and Grand in Minneapolis. Simply decadent!!

                    1. I would recommend the uptown Cafeteria for Mac & Cheese. When I had it, I was surprise how rich & cheesy it is. True high quality stuff they put in their M&C. Hope they keep consistent.

                      1. Haute Dish - Has some crab meat in it.

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                          2nd. I love the mac & cheese @ Haute Dish (with big ol' pieces of crab and tobiko) but fair warning to those looking to try it: it's about as non-traditional in composition as it gets.

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                            I love it too, but I'd also warn that it's VERY rich! Not for those watching their waistline, that's for sure.

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                            oh yes, haute dish. we shared it; a large tubular pasta, tagliasomething cheese, chunks of crabmeat and little red pops of a fish roe about the size of poppy seeds that just popped in the mouth. it was truly scrumptious.

                          3. Once upon a time, I would have answered "the Chatterbox." Then I had the mac & cheese at the Triple Rock. It may be into the quintuple digits calorie-wise, but oh my is it gooey and cheesy and ever so tasty. Chatterbox probably has it beat for the options of stuff to put in (hey, let's put broccoli in and pretend it's healthy!), but the Triple Rock beats it for pure comfort food goodness.

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                              I'd have never thought of Triple Rock for that. I'm intrigued and skeptical at the same time.

                              Triple Rock
                              629 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis, MN

                              1. re: aguynamedbob

                                It's good. Too good. They also have a Delicious VEGAN Mac and Cheese!

                                1. re: stepawayfromthetable

                                  Cool. We've only gone to shows and gotten hangover remedy breakfast there before. I'll try and remember next time I'm there!

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                                    3rock's vegan kitchen crew are pretty strong.

                                    for breakfast, i also like the non-pork-o-rama.

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                                      What is the non-pork-o-rama? I love meat, but appreciate a good veggie/vegan meal when it's done well.

                                      1. re: aguynamedbob

                                        it's breakfast-- like the "pork-o-rama" but made with decidedly superior veggie sausage which they possibly make there (?). and eggs--wait, there *are* eggs, right? and cheese and potatoes for sure--and it comes on a huge plate--enough to feed 3 people. i'm not vegetarian but the non-pork-o-rama has got to be one of the best breakfasts in town. and a spicy bloody mary on the side. . . i'm realizing i haven't had this breakfast in a while. because i haven't really had a good hangover in a while. because i'm old, i guess. anyways i may have to get some brunch at 3rock soon and see all the other aging punk rockers in town quarreling over the jukebox and complaining about the emo bands playing on the weekends, and squinting thru their reader glasses at the menu, and sucking on their false teeth. . . heh. you know i still run into all of those people i used to beat at shot wars at 3rock--but these days we run into each other buying organic produce at the co-op. and granola. and baby food. and i'm like, you're the guy who used to jump off the top of the refrigerator at house parties and see if he could break the table in half, and now you've got a yerba mate kombucha in one hand and a loaf of sprouted grain bread in your other hand, and you're talking to me about tinctures. it's a crazy world, guynamedbob.

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                                          Haha, I'll be on the lookout for all you when I next go there, then. And I'm intrigued by the pork-o-rama, too. If it's us curing hangovers, it's usually three or four, so sounds good to me!

                              2. I love the shells and cheese side at Lyndale Tap House. Not my favorite place but LOVE this side. Has peas and bacon in it...so not traditional but delicious!

                                1. Hmmm...I figured someone would mention North Coast in Wayzata because I had the best mac & cheese *ever* there a few years ago (and the waiter made it sound like it's a dish they're known for). I'm from northern VA but visit relatives in Minneapolis once a year. We were planning to return to North Coast on our next visit but when I checked the menu, there was no mention of mac and cheese (I think at the time they called it Mack and Cheese and said it was made with aged Wisconsin cheddar). We may still have lunch at North Coast because I want to ask them what happened to that Mack and Cheese.