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Aug 5, 2010 03:11 PM

Duck confit rookie: shredded vs skin and more

I've never eaten or prepared duck confit but I'm preparing it for dinner tonight (I bought the pre-cooked confit from my local deli). My current plan is to take the duck piece, brown it skin-side down in a skillet, and then put in a 300 deg F oven for about 15 minutes.

I was then going to take it out of the oven and my understanding is that the consistency is that it pulls apart very easily, like shredding, and I was going to use it to top some brown rice to soak some of the "unctuousness" :-)

Some quick questions since I've never done this nor eaten this:
- does my prep method make sense?
- does the duck meat actually shred easily?
- I saw the shred method as an option, but I saw a lot of discussion about the deliciousness of crisp skin... would this be sacrificed with shredding?

Thanks in advance!!!!!

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  1. I do something similar when making duck confit rissotto. I broil the duck confit in the oven, used the fat from that to sautee the rice. Cook the rissotto as usual, adding in the shredded duck meat, and skin toward the end.

    1. I wouldn't stick them in the oven. They might dry out if it's the pre-packaged duck confit that most nicer grocery stores carry. They should be just fine crisped up in a pan with a little oil.

      I'm actually on the fence about crisping the skin and shredding though. The skin would be pretty worthless if you didn't crisp it so you might as well pull it off and toss it. However, if you can get it off in a nice piece, it would be worth crisping it by itself and sauteing the meat separately.

      1. I do duck confit a lot (both store-bought and homemade), and prefer heating the legs for serving by putting them into a preheated 450° oven for 10 minutes or so. Assuming, of course, that they are still well-coated with fat, which they should be if they've been prepared and stored properly.

        I put a cookie cooling rack on a low-sided cookie sheet, then put the legs on that skin side up. That lets the fat drip off (save it for frying potatoes!) and the skin crisps up nicely.

        Yes, the meat will be falling-off-the-bone tender, but I would not bother with shredding it, if only because the legs look so nice when presented whole. And definitely DO NOT discard the skin, it's incredibly delicious!

        1. Is that it? Duck Confit on Brown Rice?
          As stated before do not discard the skin. It is like cracklings and should be savored with the Duck.
          As for your method, Sauteing and the oven is fine. you do not need the low temp though. Doing them in the oven with out sauteing also works great.
          Yes the Duck will shred easily.
          You could just pull the skin off in a sheet and top the duck and rice pile with the crisp sheet of skin.
          Oh and just as a clarification. Duck Confit is precooked by definition.