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ISO: Food Markets near Stockbridge

stonesown Aug 5, 2010 01:53 PM

My family has rented a house in Stockbridge, we'll be there next week. Can anyone recommend markets for meat, fish, and groceries? We're on vacation so would happily trade less value for high quality.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Dana1949 Aug 5, 2010 03:09 PM

    As a local resident, I would recommend Guido's in Pittsfield or Great Barrington for your quality foods needs. They're basically a specialty foods store that specializes in meats, fish, vegetables, fruit, and deli items. Stop and Shop, a nice grocery store, is very close to Guido's in Pittsfield. Welcome to Berkshire County, I hope you have a nice visit.


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      NickM Aug 5, 2010 03:47 PM

      I would certainly second Guido's as your first stop for quality meat, fish, produce and other goods. If you are going toward Great Barrington, rather than Pittsfield, there is a pretty good Big Y in the shopping center right next door to the Guido's in GB, where you can fill in on the more readily available items.

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      rhoneranger Aug 5, 2010 04:38 PM

      Since you are coming "in season" I would HIGHLY recommend farmstands. The farmstand on RT 102 half a mile west from Lee, about 3? miles east of Stockbridge Village has the best organic corn. I habituate Overmeade Gardens on East Street in Lenox. They provide quite a bit of produce to some of the better restaurants. You can't beat farm to table.

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        jessheslin Aug 5, 2010 05:26 PM

        For farms tands I have gone to Taft Farms for years: www.taftfarms.com. Also for a good selection of beverages plus really nice snacks and such for picnics or whatever try Nejaimes www.nejaimeswine.com and Plaza Package in Gt Barrington (no website). Enjoy!

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          NickM Aug 5, 2010 08:45 PM

          Taft is definitely a worthy stop, as is Berkshire Mountain Bakery down the road on Route 183 for fresh bread. You can also contact Barrington Coffee Roasting Company (you can check out their excellent selection online, but the roastery is in Lee, in an industrial park on Route 102) for top quality coffee in bean, freshly roasted in small batches.

          Barrington Coffee
          165 Quarry Hill Rd, Lee, MA

          1. re: NickM
            mjoyous Aug 9, 2010 07:02 AM

            Great Barrington is your closest and best choice, other than farm stands , as already recommended. Guido's in GB is the standard "gourmet" store up here, but don't forget the Co-op in GB too for some other choices. And don't miss Berkshire Mountain Bakery at the source on Rt 183-- for breads (try the bread & chocolate sourdough loaf) and pastries only available at the bakery. It's funky and incredibly good.

            1. re: mjoyous
              rhoneranger Aug 9, 2010 09:59 AM

              Also the Gourmet Grocer, what once was Locke Stock and Barrel.

              1. re: mjoyous
                nfnebwiri Aug 10, 2010 03:43 PM

                You can also pick up some "gourmet" type stuff and upscale deli products at Bizalion in GB, right near the Big Y, although the selection is small.

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