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Aug 5, 2010 01:35 PM

Grocery/anywhere that sells Argentine Chorizo

Hi everyone. I am looking for a place that may sell your standard Argentine Chorizo. I have seen a few places that sell Spanish or Mexican chorizo in philly but no luck with anything specific to the typical Argentine dishes that use their chorizo such as churipan or just grilling the sausages for an Asado.



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  1. If thatis similar to Portuguese Chourico.............sold in Brazil and mabye moved obger the border...........The are NO portuguese stores that i have found....a few rest. that are Brazilian...................but otherwise.........mailorder

    1. I'm not sure what makes Argentine chorizo Argentine but the Fair Food Stand at the Reading market sells fresh chorizo (frozen) that looks good for grilling but then it may be kinda "Mexican." It's definitely not the dried/cured Spanish chorizo. The D'artagnan chorizo sold at Dibruino's and sometimes Superfresh grills well - it's a cooked,smoked sausage like kielbasa. Finally, Orlando, the Puerto Rican butcher who used to make great chorizo at his shop in 9th street, works at Guinta's in the Reading market - they might have something you'd like.

      1. D’Angelo Bros in the Italian Market may have what you are looking for. They make many different sausages and I know that they do make morcilla or blood sausage in an Argentinian fashion. Hope it helps.

        1. We get our Portuguese Linguica and Chorizo from

          We used to be able to get it from a local store (Durham NC). Now we order direct from the company.

          1. thanks for the great advice everyone, i'll check these spots out for sure