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Aug 5, 2010 01:33 PM

Japonais Furusato

Since so many of you spoke so highly of Furusato I went there on Saturday nite - 3 of us. At 6:30 the place still had tables...but oh my...the food!!! Everything we ordered with the exception of the tuna natto was OMG delicious. The tuna natto was not that special.

Chawan mushi was truly divine in the silkiness and perfection of the steamed dish with a lot of little surprises beneath , the sashimi plate which gave a better value than ordering a la carte (19 pces or more i think for 24.00) for the same fish was the only kind of fish you want to eat in a sashimi form. And they did not skimp: octopus and herring were included. Tuna, salmon etc.

The petite sukiyaki really tasty and another dish we had which I cannot remember the name of but it was laden with chicken and veggies on top of rice in a hefty sized bowl.

The miso soup was superb and they generously gave us an extra wo charge for the sashimi plate. The service superb. The bill superb and I should note that altho I did not have sake I noticed the prices were very reasonable. for the amount of good blurb this place is getting I was actually shocked that it sat fairly empty. Although a Japanese family of about eight came and sat down in their reserved table from which they ordered on a Japanese printed menu.

I am beginning to get hooked on mom and pop restaurants and thoroughly enjoying the experience. next up is an Indian joint on Queen Mary

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  1. Nice review; another on the to-do list.

    You have something against natto? ;-)

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    1. re: wattacetti

      actually the first time i had natto was at Kazu and it didn't compare, so that is why it didn't make the A list...and natto takes getting used to which you probably already know...LOL

    2. Thanks for the review! Nice to have another option for good Japanese food - the lineups at Kazu have been getting me down.

      Here's the coordinates for those like me who couldn't remember where it was:

      Bistro Japonais Furusato
      2137, Rue De Bleury,
      Montreal, QC H3A 2K2

      1. It's the old Osaka. just so people recognize it