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Aug 5, 2010 01:03 PM

German between Dallas and Ft. Worth

Last week, I came upon the recently (spring?) opened Everything German at the SE corner of Brown Trail and Harwood in Bedford. I don't know about the "everything" part, but it's a small deli offering sandwiches made with German lunch meats and cheese, sausages and pork schnitzel (chicken schnitzel is available for take-home prep). In talking with Christof (owner's son), their food and preparation is indigenous to the German region of Bavaria. Interestingly, they chose a Bedford location because of a large German population residing there. Who knew?

While the sandwiches are assembled from prepared meats and breads, the schnitzels, spaetzle, potato salad and kraut are all homemade. The potato salad is prepared simply with bacon and chives and served not warmed, but at room temp. The kraut is exceptional, remaining crisp but soft with a mild tang. The pork schnitzel is thinly pounded with very light breading and seasoned well with salt and a good amount of pepper. The spaetlze is take-out for home prep. There are multiple desserts.

As to the sausages, I had the Kaiserbrat last week which had a well rounded smokiness and a good "snap" when bitten into. Other sausages on the menu are Weisswurst, Wienerwurst and a bit of "local" flair, Cajunbrat.

The sandwich meats include Bierwurst, Schinkenwurst, Jagdwurst, Leberwurst, Pfeffejaeger, Suelze, Turkey Mortadella and Beef Summer Sausage. These are also sold by the pound. Sandwich bread options include Broetchen, Sourdough Rye, Pumpernickel and Pretzel Baguette. Vegetable additions are fresh from the farmers market located next door.

The accommodations are very meager with 3 picnic tables seating a tight 8 (communal), plasticware and canned soft drinks. Free German beer is offered on Sat's. Today at a late lunch hour, it was standing room only, though last week around 6, my friend and I were the only ones dining in. That said, between those 2 visits, - the schnitzel, the Kaiserbrat, the Broetchen or the Pumpernickel has been sold out. My point being, if you want a particular selection, you may want to call ahead lest it be sold out when you arrive. They are obviously still in the process of assessing inventory to expected customer totals.

They have several freezer cases stocked with (I assume) everything that is on their menu, plus other items. They also have 3 or 4 sets of shelves offering prepackaged items.

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  1. Thanks for the review, CocoaNut. I live nearby and have been meaning to check this place out.

    1. They now have plate lunches starting at 4.95 which includes a meat and a choice of 2 - potato salad, kraut or red cabbage.

      1. Everything German Today's Special........... Krautroulade (cabbage rolls) serve with choice of rotkraut, sauerkraut, kartoffelsalat, and brothcen ..$6.95 and of course today is FREE BEER SATURDAY!!!

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          Thanks CocoaNut, I know where I am having lunch today. Cabbage rolls, yum.

        2. Gees, I drove right by there today at lunchtime and I should have tried it. My coworker is half German and I'm sure we both would have enjoyed it. Working in the Stockyards our lunch choices are pretty dismal.

          1. German-style (?) Goulash with spatzle and free beer tomorrow at Everything German.