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Aug 5, 2010 11:30 AM

What is your favorite cocktail that contains lemonade?

As the title suggests, I'd like to know your favorite cocktails that contain lemonade. It can have a lemonade base or just a splash. Easy is great, as is elaborate.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to share!

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  1. Sweet tea vodka and lemonade, variations of the Pimm's cup use lemonade, Lynchburg Lemonade

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    1. re: roro1831

      Wow, brewed tea, vodka and lemonade lover here also. Lemon flavored rum (Bacardi Limón) with lemonade, mint and a splash of pomegranate. A wedge of cucumber is nice in that also.

    2. If you like lemonade, try using fresh-squeezed lemon. The sugar can come from other ingredients (such as balancing a liqueur) or simple syrup. Even the best lemonade from the store won't compare with fresh-squeezed, unfiltered, unpasteurized, right-from-the-lemon juice. This also allows you to control the sugar.

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      1. re: EvergreenDan

        I generally make fresh lemonade anyway, especially for cocktails, sweetened with simple syrup, and adjust that amount (always more tart than sweet for my taste) according to what other drink ingredients I'm using.

      2. Homemade raspberry infused vodka and lemonade.

        1. Cruzan Vanilla Mint Lemonade--sort of a lemonade/mojito with Cruzan Vanilla Rum and simple with a little fizzy (lifting!) drink in the form of sparkling Pellegrino or seltzer. You can muddle cucumber in there, too, if you are so moved. Pics here:

          1. I haven't figured out a from-scratch version of this, but a shot of rye, oz of Canton ginger liqueur, few dashes barrel aged bitters and top with lemonade (on the rocks).

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            1. re: ted

              1 oz rye, 1 oz Canton, 1 oz Lemon, 1 tsp rich syrup, 2 dash Fee WBA. I made it and my wife took it for herself. :) And she doesn't even like rye!

              1. re: EvergreenDan

                This reminds me of a tasty drink I had somewhere, and which I've since made at home several times:

                - Halve a lime and quarter the half. Muddle with 2d Angostura and 1/2oz simple at the bottom of a double old fashioned
                - Add 2oz Maker's Mark (sub rye, perhaps, but there's something nice and smooth about the Maker's flavor in this one)
                - Add ice
                - Top up with ginger beer (I like Maine Root and Reed's Extra)
                - Give it a quick stir and, if you feel like it, garnish with mint

                Not much to it, but it's a great and simple drink and goes very well with late summer in my humble opinion. A dash or three of Cynar might be a nice addition as well, perhaps instead of the simple?

                1. re: EvergreenDan

                  OK, combining these ideas, 1 oz rye, 1/2 oz Canton, 1/2 Cynar, 3/4 oz Lemon, 1 dash Fee WBA, 1 dash Lemon bitters (probably optional), expressed lemon garnish.

                  Easy on the WBA or it overpowers the other flavors. I actually used a combo of lemon and lime as I ran out of lemon. Not sure the lemon bitters really matter as there is already plenty of lemony goodness. This drink has a lot of similarity to a Paper Airplane (bourbon, Campari, Ramazzotti, Lemon, equal parts).

                2. re: ted

                  Ted - do you have a name for this? Otherwise I'll calling it Swipe. :)

                  1. re: EvergreenDan

                    I had a similar experience with my non-brown-liquor-drinking wife.

                    I don't have a name for it yet- will have to work on that.

                    I forgot to mention that, if you're using store bought lemonade, it helps to squeeze in a lemon wedge so that it isn't so sweet. I like the Simply Lemonade brand over frozen or other versions.

                    1. re: ted

                      I'm tempted to call it the "At the Door" cocktail. Have one neighbor who got very jealous when I greeted another at the front door with their drink. So, the next time she came over, I made one of these and handed it to her as she walked in.