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Aug 5, 2010 11:05 AM

Todd English food hall

I'm going on Saturday. Has anyone been? Any recommendations?

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  1. I went with two friends who were not thrilled about eating there (so admittedly we went in with a bit of reluctance) we walked around and walked out. I thought it was small and narrow and confusing. Different places to sit - but not sure if you could order from the entire menu or just what they were serving at that "station". I enjoyed his food at his other restaurants - but this is in my own opinion - not a great place for more than two at a time - it's all counter seating.

    1. i work nearby and have been several times, most recently today. the one dish i return to is the Artichoke and Black Pepper pasta. i also really like the American Kobe Pastrami, which is served with a pickled okra and ginger, and the Bronx Bomber Pizza, easily shared between 3-4 people. the cold beet salad with pistachio and manchego(?) is a nice starter, although it isn't really large enough to share.

      some things that didn't work for me have been the dumplings (ok, but pricey for what you get), the pho-style soup (a bit bland despite the heat), and the sushi (high quality, but unremarkable and with too much rice).

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        Thanks for the replies. It will just be my wife and I (along with my 10 month old son) so we'd be happy to get little bites from a few different counters and grab a seat wherever we can.

        1. re: donovt

          hmmm, you might really struggle there with a ten month old. first, to clarify something, you actually sit at the counter and then order from any of the eight stations. regardless of where you sit, you can order from all menus. nearly all seating is bar seating, so i'm not sure where you'd put a baby. i guess he'd be in a stroller the whole time? even with that, i'm not sure where you'd put the stroller.

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            Hmmmmm....I thought there was some actual seating. Thanks, that might not work for a stroller. Thanks again!!

            1. re: donovt

              We decided to stop by just to check it out and they were very accommodating with our son. They gave us two seats at the sushi counter with enough room for a high chair and we just folded up the stroller and stuck it in a corner. That being said, the high chair was much lower than the counter and I don't know if it would always work for every child. Our son was in a very good mood, so we had no problems.

              Onto the food....I ordered the mini lamb gyros and the charred octopus. The octopus was nicely charred and came with a very tasty romesco sauce. The gyros were delicious and came three to an order, so it was the perfect amount of food for a lunch. My wife ordered the lobster salad, I only had a bite so I can't give too much detail. But it was very good, perfectly seasoned but a little small. All in all a very good experience. Friendly staff and really enjoyable food.

              Next time will definitely get the black pepper pasta. Just wasn't in the mood today.