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Aug 5, 2010 10:47 AM

Has anybody tried Baja's Mexican Restaurant in Orange, CT?

We ate there last night and, in retrospect, I wish that I had posted this question in advance of trying it out.

I thought that I had adequately researched Baja's; - Read lots of reviews on the usual internet sites. It was even third best mexican on the New Haven Advocate's annual survey.

Well, cutting to the chase, their highly touted salsa bar wasn't "great" by any stretch of the imagination. Their homemade chips were overly thick and like lead.

Our entrees were soggy and mediocre. Overly salted and pricy, too

Nevertheless the place seemed pretty crowded for a Wednesday evening.

We won't be back.

Baja's Authentic Mexican Restaurant
63 Boston Post Rd, Orange, CT 06477

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  1. Man, that sucks. I had Baja's years ago, we're talking 1999, and I had an amazing chicken taco, but I see it's gone down the tubes. What a shame.

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      I agree I was there 2 weeks ago and thought the same thing. I now live in Chula Vista, Ca and the owners are from here. When I went there the first time about 7 years ago it was fine but they have gone downhill. Even the spicy caroots were salty.

    2. I've probably been there 4-5 times in the last couple of years. All in all I found it to be good.

      1. While the food there isn't bad, it is not very sophisticated. Like many Mexican restaurants here that opened or developed their aesthetic in the eighties, Bajas commits a sin aptly described by a scary ex of as "killing you softly with queso". There's a huge market for it. Many people expect it, usually the same crowd who likes their drinks day-glo bright, artificially flavored and awash in corn sweetener and cheap tequila or rum. And if you are going to eat this kind of food, Baja's is much, much better than most. The ingredients are fresh. They're trying.

        Like Linus and his pumpkin patch, they are very, very sincere. And you have to respect that.