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Aug 5, 2010 10:43 AM

LARDO! LARDO! LARDO! -where to buy/find ???

Just curious to know if any one would know where in the general metropolitan area one could actually buy “Lardo” –delicious cured pork fat….. Any takers?

I recently had bread and Lardo at Momofuku’s ssäm bar bar and fell madly in love with this angelic, porky, butter-like substance.

I need it again.

Alas I live in DC –which is why I’m reaching out to my fellow chowhoundians for help. So.. Help!

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  1. If you can't find local, one option is the lardo made by La Quercia, who make beautiful products:

    1. I had it tonight at Sonoma Wine Bar.

      Sonoma Restaurant
      223 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE, Washington, DC 20003

      1. north mountain pastures at the sunday market at bloomingdale- big bear cafe has lardo, salo (ukrainian cured fatback) as well as a number of other cures of meat: Bresaola, lonzino, proccuito, lomo, etc

        1. Just picked some up yesterday morning at Butcher's Block in Old Town, along with some house-cured flat pancetta! Butcher's Block rules.

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          1. re: mt7187

            I wish butchers block was closer to me..... I live closer to the DC metro area. Nice to know I might be able to find a butcher with some lardo.

            1. re: PatrickG

              The Butcher's Block I'm referring to is actually in Old Town Alexandria (VA) not annapolis!

          2. Two Amy's has it on their menu. Not the BEST lardo I've had, but decent.

            Two Amys
            3715 Macomb St NW, Washington, DC 20016