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Aug 5, 2010 09:56 AM

Frenchie/Les Papilles

Does anyone know if Frenchie or Les Papilles is currently closed in August? I will be in Paris from August 18th thru August 21st and already got a reservation at Le Chateaubriand. I noticed an old thread where it was closed until August 15th or 16th and someone else had said the 25th or 26th? I would like to make reservations there but already tried to book La Cordonnerie and they are closed during that time! If they are closed, can anyone give me a good substitute with around the same price range and level of quality of the food? I have done some research and it looks like La Cordonnerie and Les Papilles are some of the best food around but Frenchie (although good food, just alot of hype) - I would appreciate the help!!!!

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  1. I looked a couple of threads down about Les Papilles and seen that as of the end of July they are on summer holiday, if anyone knows what day they may be back and in regards to Frenchie as well, I would really appreciate it! I did send them an e-mail and hopefully they will respond

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      Not sure about les Papilles, but seems the concensus for Frenchie is they are closed from Aug 27 to Sept 7 for their vacation.

      1. re: sf_duke

        I seem to remember Les Papilles is open toward the latter half of August.

        1. re: Parigi

          Finally heard back from the hotel (sometimes it took awhile which is why I asked on here)

          Frenchie is closed from the 18th of August thru September 6th