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Aug 5, 2010 09:31 AM

Peoria tapas

Has anyone tried the new tapas bar Noir in Peoria Heights?

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  1. Just got back from Noir. My husband & I went for a (very) early dinner today (Monday). We thought we'd beat the crowd, and were right---but just barely. I must say, the place exceeded all expectations. Very nicely decorated, you have your choice of high tables, regular tables, or lounge-type benches with a kind of coffee table. I'm not a drinker, but my husband was very impressed with the beer list. The wine list was extensive, with most wines available by the glass. Husband said he'd probably order the sangria next time, but tonight had a gin & tonic. $6.50 and he was very happy with it.
    They start you off with free flats (like tortilla chips---but better!), a red pepper tapanade and a corn/black bean salsa. Very tasty.
    We decided to order 4 small plates (priced $6-12 each). We ordered gazpacho (different flavor each night---tonight was avocado), the stuffed roasted pepper rolls, the crab cakes with tomato remoulade, and the scallops.
    The gazpacho ($6) was creamy & smooth. Great mix of flavors.
    Next, our server brought the peppers($7) and the crabcakes. The roasted peppers (3 pieces) were stuffed with roasted asparagus and serrano ham, served with a balsamic reduction, and sprinkled with grated manchego cheese. Again, a great mix of flavors.
    The 3 (appetizer-sized) crabcakes ($8) were light with a crispy outside without any greasiness. The tomato remoulade which came with them was perfectly spiced.
    We ended with the scallops ($11). The three sea scallops were pan fried (Husband would have prefered them slightly less cooked than they were) and served in an absolutely amazing sauce. The server came by as we were finishing them up, and offered to bring some crostini for us to finish sopping up the sauce. Good thing, as we were tempted to lick the plate clean!
    We can't wait to return---we've already picked out what we'll order next time.

    1. I finally tried Noir last Friday, got there at 4:15 and had the place to myself for about 45 minutes, sat at the bar. I could not agree more with you, wonderful place. I had the gazpacho also and cerviche and the scallops. Tried some Spanish whites, bartender very accomodating with several sips of different ones. I am planning a return trip. Early is good.

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