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Aug 5, 2010 08:40 AM

egg-free whole wheat challah in NJ?

Looking for whole wheat challah...that's also egg-free...and also available in New Jersey. Any leads? Many thanks!

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  1. not being difficult, but curious -

    is it really still challah if there are no eggs? i thought it was pretty much defined by the eggy dough

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    1. re: thew

      Not true. Popularly, most people think of challah as the "eggy," soft dough, but water challahs are just as much challah as the eggy ones, and they are eggless. Anyway, "challah" is more of a halachic term anyway. I make really unusual breads for shabbos every week (olive bread, cornmeal-millet bread, sun-dried tomato and sage bread, etc.) and call them "challah," but they are eggless, and since I don't make enough to "take challah," in the mitzvah sense, they aren't really "challah" anyway. I think it depends on what you mean when you say the word. For me, it just means the bread we eat with our shabbos meals.

      1. re: queenscook

        fair enough. i guess i just never saw anything but egg ones in my familt

    2. Katz gluten free - offers egg free challah