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Aug 5, 2010 07:45 AM

Baltimore car-less grocery shopping for foreigner?


I'll be moving from Germany to Baltimore this month and could need some tips for grocery shopping.

I consulted Google maps and various student boards, but I'm pretty clueless about what is good in which supermarket in the US in general (which ones carry good quality, which ones to go for staples), where to go for what in Baltimore...

Two things that may limit my shopping options: I won't have a car and I'll be on a student budget.

I'll be living in Charles Village for the first weeks and maybe after too, but basically I'm interested in anything I can reach via the Hopkins shuttles or public transportation.

I eat huge amounts of veggies and fruit and saw there are several farmer's markets, but other than that, where does one best buy fruits and veggies in Baltimore? (Maybe outside of town, but without a car?)

And especially apples – I eat lots and lots of them... Any tips for that? (I've found that in Germany ethnic groceries have great apples for some reason....)

What are your favorite ethnic shops in Baltimore? I love ethnic food, spices, exciting new things etc...


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  1. For apples, I highly recommend the Waverly farmers' market which is held on Saturdays. Visit for directions, hours, and other details. This farmers' market is located a short distance from Charles Village. There are several Maryland and Pennsylvania based orchards who sell a wonderful selection of apples during the fall and early winter months. There are other vendors who sell high quality veggies too. For actual grocery shopping, I am not familiar with the Hopkins shuttle routes but I believe it stops at the SuperFresh supermarket on 41st, and also probably the nearby Giant Foods supermarket. I generally avoid those supermarkets - in my opinion, the produce is not particularly desirable. I shop at the Whole Foods markets (either downtown at Inner Harbor East or in Mt. Washington, on Smith Avenue). Mill Valley Garden Center, at 28th and Sisson Street, also has local, seasonal produce available from One Straw Farm and other vendors (although the hours are a bit weird and the selection limited). I hear there is a new shop opening on Cathedral Street that will feature local produce, meat and dairy (aimed at those who cannot make it to the farmers' markets on the weekends) but I do not know the name or the opening date). Best of luck to you and welcome to Charm City!

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      The name of the shop opening on Cathedral Street is Milk and Honey ... They're set to open in mid- to late-September. (For more info:


      I generally agree with honeybee, though if you must go to a grocery store that isn't Whole Paycheck (aka Whole Foods), I would grudgingly recommend the SuperFresh on 41st. As far as produce is concerned, I would avoid the store that is probably closest to you -- the Safeway on 25th. The produce is generally horrible and the lines are equally as bad.

      And welcome to Baltimore! :)

    2. I would not discount the Eddie's supermarket in Charles Village - while not as extensive it is probably the most convenient for a carless person and will do in a pinch. I went there quite a bit when I lived in Charles Village, they are committed to he neighborhood and generally nice folks.

      Waverly Farmer's Market is a must. There is also an excellent South Asian Halal market right around the corner from there - super folks, great selection if Indian/Pakistani spices, etc.

      You can take the bus downtown for Chinese groceries at Po Tung trading, on Park between Mulberry and Saratoga.

      Latino groceries abound in Fells Point. You can get there using public transit.
      Where in Charles Village will you be staying?

      [...und wenn Du Deutsche Sachen kaufen willst, must Du leider mit dem Auto fahren. Ich weis nicht, ob Du Vegetarier bist, aber wir haben hier in der Vorstadt einen sehr guten Wurstmetzger!]

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        Aubzamzam is correct, we are talking about the same place. There is also a grocery at 2024 N. Charles, Baltimore Halal Meat & Grocery, that I have never stopped at, but I have heard they sell good samosas and have some groceries.

      2. There is a great, and incredibly cheap, Indian-Pakistani grocery store near the intersection of 33rd Street and Greenmount, if you are looking for anything like that. The name escapes me -- Punjab?

        1. Thanks! I've started making a Google map with food places and just added your tips.

          I've heard / read about the Waverly farmer's market, most definitely plan to go there right on my first weekend

          The Mill Valley Garden center sounds like fun! Had a look at their blog and would sign up for their box if I knew that I'll stay in Charles Village.

          Latino groceries sound delicious too, nothing I can get much in Germany, would love to try...

          Aubzamzam (another German?) ich bin Vegetarier, aber irgendwann wird mich der Hunger auf deutsche Sachen dann wohl in die Vorstadt treiben...

          Lawhound, thanks for the tip with the Indian grocery, that one is not to far to where I'll be staying. Just what I'm looking for!

          More ideas out there?

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            I think that lawhound and I were speaking about the same store, it's on 33rd near the intersection with Barclay (Farmer's Market is on Barclay between 32d and 33d). Great folks.

            Up Greenmount a ways is Asia Food in Gorsuch. Pretty decent selection of various Asian ingredients, recently reopened...

            Thai-Philipine groceries on Gorsuch near Greenmount used to be a real gem but new owners took it over a while back, and I think it has suffered. There was once an abundance of small Korean groceries in lower Charles Village but I am not sure is any are still around.

            In addition to Latin American groceries there are also a couple of Polish delis in Fells Point - Krakus Deli and Sofia's in the Broadway market north hall, where you can get the occasional German item as well. I need my Selleriesalat jar once in a while...:^)

            [Ich bin so'n Halbdeutscher, meine Mutter lebt heute noch in Darmstadt]


            Krakus Deli
            1737 Fleet St, Baltimore, MD 21231

            1. re: aubzamzam


              Haven't eaten enough Polish food yet, but definitely want to try. They seem to have Lebkuchen too...

              (And googling for the Krakus Deli I found this map, according to the author "Every kind of ethnic grocer I could find in Bmore":


              Looks like I won't starve;-)

              Hm, Selleriesalat... da hatte ich gerade nen superleckeren in nem winzigen Schwarzwaldrestaurant...

              Krakus Deli
              1737 Fleet St, Baltimore, MD 21231

              1. re: Omena

                One thing I really really miss about the old country is the good old "Gemischter Salatteller." You just can't get good Krautsalat or Selleriesalat over here. I suppose I should start making my own...although celeriac/celery root is not always that easy to find...