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Aug 5, 2010 06:54 AM

Majestic - Nana's Sunday Dinner

I've been wanting to check out the Majestic for some time now. I finally got there on Sunday for Nana's Sunday Dinner. On the positive side, $22.00 for a complete meal is a very good deal. I also liked how it was served family style, with big bowls of food put on the table from which you serve yourself. The service was generally good.

Food wise, the bread was excellent - hot and homemade-tasting with a nice butter. I also really liked the baked beans, though the servings provided were tiny. On the negative side, I was very disappointed in the food overall. The corn was awful - really overcooked and it tasted like it had been picked many days prior. Equally awful were the ribs. They were coated with a heavy, cloying sauce that was too sweet and had way too much vinegar. I couldn't taste the meat under the sauce. Also, my piece had lots of gristle - about half of it was inedible. The potato salad was OK, just not particularly interesting. (They did provide plenty of that, however.) I was looking forward to the peach pie, but alas, it too disappointed. It would have been so much better if it had been served warm and if the crumble topping on it had had some crunch.

I was also disappointed that they were out of ginger beer, so they couldn't make a Dark and Stormy. I had been looking forward to trying their version as it had been recommended by a CH on another thread.

I can't help but think I was there on a bad night as the place is so well-liked by so many, but I'm not in a hurry to go back.

The Majestic Restuarant
911 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22314

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  1. Wow - Bummer. I've never had a bad meal there since they took over, but also never had a Sunday Dinner. Maybe it has something to do with those dinners being pre-cooked.

    If you decide to give it another go, and I urge you to do so, try ordering from the regular menu!

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      Same here. I have yet to have even a mediocre meal at Majestic. Sounds like a bad night.

      I also discovered their mint julep: awesome. Perfectly muddled and served in a nice pewter mug over cracked ice. Perfect drink for a hot August evening.

    2. I love the Majestic, but share the same exact disappointments regarding Nana's Sunday dinner. Mine was a lamb dinner and the lamb was incredibly overcooked, which made it nearly inedible for me. Sides were fine, but not extraordinary. I think it is about the pre-cooked, mass quantity thing that destroys it. The same way restaurant week is a disservice.

      On a regular evening ordering items a la carte, everything is excellent. So don't hate.