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Any Live music with good food in Portland?

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Any Live music with good food and dancing in Portland? I cannot find any place to go with my husband where its either lots of 20 somethings, really bad music or really bad food. Any reggae anywhere? i just moved up here from NY less than a year ago and have really no clue where to go. Help please, anyone???

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  1. Sundays !-5 at Jones Landing on Peaks island,is reggae Sunday,can't speak to the quality of the food though.

    Jones Landing
    6 Welch St, Peaks Island, ME 04108

    1. Tons of good music. Tons of great food. Just not in the same place at the same time. Reggae at Jones Landing is a 20's something drunk fest with really bad food - the doorman actually told us to eat elsewhere before entering. Best bet, check the GO section in Thursday's Press Herald, find some interesting music and go out to dinner before going to the music venue.

      Jones Landing
      6 Welch St, Peaks Island, ME 04108

      1. Now open in Portland. Not sure if there is dancing or not....


        1. Thank you everyone!!! I'm still searching. I may just take some Salsa lesions.