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Aug 5, 2010 06:30 AM

noi due....

we ventured to noi due last night. food was pretty good,but had a terrible experience with the owner. they do not accept reservations and the wait was literally 50 minutes for a table, despitebeingtold a table will be ready in 2minutes every 2 minutes- there were no apologies, just exceptional rudeness from the owner when we told him how long we had been waiting- has anyone else experienced this? is this a common occurance at noi due?

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  1. I refuse to go to Noi Due at dinner time because of the wait. If they accepted reservations I'd love to go because I think the food is one of the better options around, but it's not that good that it's worth a 50 minute wait to be seated.

    1. same experience happend to us- we were told the wait would be about 30-40 minutes. ended up waiting about an hour. the young woman seating people insisted on giving us a table for two even though we were three.. she claimed we never told her we were three people. the food was great though, so I would go back.. but I expect to wait a looong time.