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Aug 5, 2010 05:57 AM

Red Velvet Cake - Charleston, SC

I am heading to Folly Beach, SC for a family vacation next week. While there we will be celebrating my wife's birthday. Her favorite cake is Red Velvet! Does anyone know where I can buy a real deal low country Red Velvet cake? Not looking for fancy with twist, just a good ole Red Velvet Cake? Many Thanks

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  1. I heard of a place called Red Velvet Cakes and Confections but don't know if they still in business. Anyone?

    1. I've never heard of Red Velvet Cakes and Confections so I'm afraid I'm of no help there. I do, however, know there is a bakery on Folly Road in James Island called The Cake Stand. I'm not sure how their Red Velvet Cake stands up, but it is convenient for you. Also, there is a Publix on Folly Road and they can make a decent cake.

      1. We had Pampered Palalte make out Red Velvet wedding cake and it was out of this world! It is a tiny shop on Ashley River Road.

        1. Try Sugar Bakeshop on Cannon Street

          1. Try calling the village bakery in mt pleasant. They are a part of the mustard seed collection of restaurants where we have had a red velvet cake before. They may be able to accommodate you?

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                Ummm, yum, yum! I agree with Sue and 4. I love the Red Velvet cake from Sal's restaurants. I think it is my favorite Red Velvet cake anywhere.