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Aug 4, 2010 11:44 PM

OC and Ventura County Fair FOOD

As a vegetarian, it's really hard to find something edible, other than cotton candy, popcorn etc. at the county fair. This year I decided to try some "fair food", being careful to avoind the usual hamburgers and giant turkey legs that are so common at these things.

The ice cream was a no-brainer. Nice and cool, it was familiar and yummy. Ventura Fair had soft pretzles, also a familiar item and decent tasting. But when I received my order of "a basket of colossal onion rings" at the OC Fair, I was horrified. There were only 7 of them (for $7.95 and while they were certainly huge, they were all dough. Just like a donuut dough with a skinny onion ring inside. They were chewy, not crisp, and obviously reheated. I tossed them. The lemonade was a disgrace, as well. Powdered and sweeter than sugar. Blah. I tossed that as well. Then came the snow-cone. After all, I needed something cold and icy to rince away the bad taste in my mouth.

That snow cone was HUGE! Easily enough for two people, it consisted of a bowl filled with crushed ice (and then 4 scoops of ice on top. Each was flavored differently but by the time I sat down at a nearby table, most of the flavor had gravitated to thebottom of thebowl so I was crunching on plain ice. I ate what i could and then dumped the rest. I was done wasting my money.

so today I went to the Ventura County Fair. Nothing veg friendly other than corn so I contented myself with thoughts of fresh cotton candy. Love that warm, right from the machine spun sugar. my horror (and I noticed this at the OC Fair as well) ALL of the cotton candy being sold is aleady premade in bags! I did not see a SINGLE cotton candy machine at either fair. What's going on?

I tried once more, approaching a stand advertising caramle corn. I walked away empty handed. They were all sold out.

What's your impression of Fair Food?

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  1. As long as you're OK with eating fried things that have might have been in contact with oil that meats have been fried in as well, I think you have some good options. I LOVE the fair experience and can't wait to go to the OC Fair next week.

    Juicy Lucy makes some good zucchini fries - I just wish that there were better ranch dressings to chose from. Lather up some grilled corn with butter, seasoned salt and mayo and you have an indulgent delicious treat. The Mexican Funnel Cake is my favorite fair dessert - basically just a giant churro wrapped around itself like a funnel cake, topped with whipped cream and strawberries. My brother loves the cinnamon buns (don't remember which vendor). The deep fried avocado is interesting... but not great, not bad, but I do remember one lady in our fair group really loved it with some lemon squirted on top and dipped in ranch. Deep fried Snickers bars are always a good choice (looks like a turd but tastes great). Fresh fried potato chips are a must. Sweet potato fries are decent. I think you can get cheesy potatoes from the German brat place but I've never tried them.

    I hear wonderful things about this year's deep fried Klondike bars - the chocolate gets a little metly by the contact with hot oil, but the ice cream inside stays cold. Mmmm.. I can't wait!

    1. Fair food is always a little overwhelming. Especially if you're trying to avoid consuming a week's worth of calories and sodium. Got a super pass for OC this year by signing up for both starting and closing weekend 5K races. So, I've been a couple of times, and one more planned. For the first day I went Greek. Not vegetarian, but they have veggie options. The gyro was pretty good. The other time I threw caution to the wind and had a BBQ beef sandwich (mediocre) and the fresh made potato chips. The chips were a major disappointment. Many of the slices were stuck together and therefore greasy and nearly raw. Picked at about 1/2 the order, trashed the rest. Topped off the day with a mini-cupcake, red velvet. Only about 3 bites, so not too guilt inducing. Unfortunately I thought the frosting was overly sweet and the cake rather bland. The only 'repeat performance' I'd consider would be a return to the Greek stand.