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Aug 4, 2010 10:39 PM

Any good restaurants I can go to near The Westin Providence Hotel in Rhode Island.

Hi Guys, I am staying at The Westin Providence Hotel in Rhode Island for a few days and I was wondering if I could get any recommendations on some good restaurants to go to. Since where we live is seriously lacking in fresh seafood, we are mostly looking for very good seafood restaurants at semi reasonable prices. I am a huge fan of fried clams in particular. Any suggestions?

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    1. You'll need a rental or a cab, but Horton's in East Providence is the closest clam shack to downtown. Best lobster roll in the state. However, nowhere near the water. If you want clam shack ambiance to go with the clam shack fare you'll need to travel further afield.

      Providence does not have a lot of great "seafood" restaurants. However, they are plenty of places that do an outstanding job with the seafood options on their menu. Gracies and New Rivers are both within walking distance of the Westin. At a much lower price point, the Red Fez has clam fritters on the menu.

      Red Fez
      49 Peck St, Providence, RI 02903

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        Carrie's Restaurant on Douglas Ave is a very short cab drive from where you are and the seafood dinners are great (with very generous portions). I'm positive they do fried clams as one of their dinners (they do offer the 'fried dinner platter - if it's just fried clams you want, ask the waiter and that's what you'll get). It's a very casual restaurant, and prices are in line with other seafood restaurants. If it's a Friday or Saturday evening, you may want to call ahead for reservations.

        1. re: OOliver

          Yup, I'd go with Carrie's......short ride, good simple food. This isn't a post against Horton's...I've never been.

          1. re: JaneRI

            Just looked at the site for Carrie's, I like the menu very much. Keep the suggestions coming people!

            1. re: callitasicit

              Another vote for Carrie's. A good value, untrendy place to eat like a local.

              In case you are not busophobic, both #50 and #52 go right by it. Use the schedules because they do not run so often that you can just go the stop and wait, but the $ you save over a cab will pay for a few drinks.

              1. re: atheorist

                Thanks for the tip. Carrie's seems to be the consensus. Is there any way I can walk there?

                1. re: callitasicit

                  No, you won't want to do that. Quite a walk, plus it would be through an area that's not all that great. I'd suggest taxi.

                  1. re: Dave S

                    In case you are, like me, a person who actually will take an occasional 4 mile walk (each way) I would say avoid the southern half of Douglas Ave. Smith Street to River Ave to Douglas Ave will not take you through anything someone used to a city would consider dangerous

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                      I know this unrelated to the topic but I wanted to get up to Boston to eat the fantastic lobster roll at Neptune Oyster, is that a far trek from Providence?

                        1. re: Frobisher

                          So it isn't that close. Thanks Frobisher.

      2. Is there any place that can come close to the amazing lobster roll with butter at Neptune's Oyster? I was hoping to find something similar in Providence.

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          Bump. Sorry guys leaving this week, any more suggestions.