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Aug 4, 2010 09:46 PM

Places to eat in Point Pleasant?

I am relatively new to NJ (<1 year), and I live in Union County. My mom is visiting this weekend from the midwest, and I've got a lot of NYC and local stuff planned. Monday will be a shore day. I'm planning to take her to Point Pleasant, but I've only been to Sandy Hook and Asbury Park, so I'm kind of going in blind.

Where would you recommend that we go for dinner? Keep in mind that she is not a huge seafood fan, but I am and so is mr. diva. And we will be apres beach, so casual attire should be acceptable. I have done some research on this board, but, as you can imagine, it is sometimes hard to figure out where all the little beach towns are in relationship to each other. I've done a fair amount of food exploring in my own environs, but less "down the shore." Is it possible to get delicious food and a nice ocean view? Thanks in advance for any advice.

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  1. Beach or Borough? I am going to assume beach as you mention an interest in a "nice ocean view". To answer your first question, I would recommend you try Daniel's Bistro on Broadway. As far as your second question, the answer is no. It is not possible to get delicious food with a nice ocean view. IMHO, the quality of food is inversely related to a restaurant's proximity to water. Good Luck.

    Daniel's Bistro
    115 Broadway, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ 08742

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      b., Isn't Daniel's Bistro closed on Mondays? They don't have their own website (imo, a major shortcoming), but I found an indication of their days of operation here:

      Of course, it's possible that they are open on Mondays during the busy summer season.

      We still haven't managed to get there. Have you been recently?

      As for your second answer: spot on! Truly a sad situation!

    2. In ocean view but very good ,traditional and plentiful Italian fare.....Friendly fast service and reasonable prices. Spanos on Arthur Avenue. They take reservations. We took some visiting relatives down to the rides and boardwalk one evening and could not deal with the fair at best food in the restaurants on or near the boardwalk or water. all seven of us enjoyed our dishes very much and would go back.

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        P.S I also love Daniel's, but it really is for seafood lovers. My spouse had steak there and was not thrilled. This was when they first opened, but we have stuck to the seafood since. I recommended Spanos since you said that Mom is NOt a huge seafood fan.

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          There's also a Spano's in the White Sands hotel. Closer to the beach, if that matters. Still no view of the ocean, although it's right across the street. It bills itself as a "steak and chop house", which likely means it has an italian-american menu with a couple of supermarket quality steaks.

        2. Red's Lobster Pot. They have casual outdoor dining on the inlet with a view of fishing boats and water.