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Aug 4, 2010 08:22 PM

Wednesday Certified Farmers Market at Natividad Medical Center (Salinas)

Starting up this year, the Natividad Medical Center and Monterey County Health Department have sponsored a certified farmers market on Wednesdays at the med center. The market hours are 11am to 4pm. This period coincides with the busiest clinic hours and also gives most employees a chance to shop here during breaks and the change from days to evening shift. I had a chance to check it out the second week of business.

Most of the farmers are local, from Salinas or Watsonville, and nearly all are certified organic. I especially liked this small table at the front. This lady farmer from Watsonville had just one product, organically grown Japanese cucumbers, priced at 2/$1. I was glad to see that there's room here for even a very small producer like she is. One flower vendor and the rest sell fruits and vegetables.

As promoted prominently on colorful posters, the market participates in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and accepts EBT cards (electronic food stamps). The cards can be read electronically at the managers table and exchanged for tokens accepted by individual farmers.

More scenes from the Natividad Farmers Market

Natividad Certified Farmers Market
In front of Building 200
1441 Constitution Boulevard, Salinas
June – Oct
11 - 4
(831) 384-6961
Managers: Jessica McKillip and Iris Peppard

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  1. The last two weeks I've been shopping at this market since the Tuesday market in Alisal closed for the season. The market will continue through Wednesday November 28. This time of year, Stackhouse has persimmons and the end of season stone fruits. Tu Universo organic farm from Watsonville has a large stand with a wide variety of produce (shown below). I haven't tried the Mexican/Oaxacan prepared food stand yet, but I continue to get an agua fresca weekly from the cut fruit and aguas stand.

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      I posted about the excellent French-style blanched leeks grown by Tu Universo on the SF Bay Area board and wanted to link up here.