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Aug 4, 2010 06:53 PM

Lamb Chop brain fart (for my anniversary dinner)

My and my wife's anniversary is tomorrow (4 years) and I read somewhere that the 4 year anniversary gift is lamb (okay, so it's not, but lamb chops were on sale today and I figured that it would be better than nylon or silk).

So I have the lamb, however that's about all I got.

I have spent an hour or so looking through chowhound and epicurious for good side ideas for starch/veg, but haven't found anything.

I was originally thinking that I'd saute (I wish I had a grill, but I don't) double boned chops and then deglaze the pan and serve over roasted pimentone roasted sweet potatoes (or vanilla sweet mashers) with the jus.

I got nothin' for the sauce or the veg, and am not really stoked on the starch, but will do it in a pinch if we can't come up with something better.

Not gonna do mint (never understood that combination).

Help me chowhound, you are my only hope.

PS: our grocery stores suck here (we don't have any specialty markets like wholefoods, or even co-ops) so while I'd love to get something like figs, I'm not gonna be able to. Would love to do a roasted fig demi glace, but it's not gonna happen.

Also, if you have the best idea for an anniversary/sexy dessert, please HELP!

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  1. How thick are the chops?
    PS: You can't "saute" them.

    1. Hi jfood and others, if they're thick enough would jfood's technique work? I haven't tried it with lamb yet.

      1. I would broil the chops and serve with a lemon wedge - maybe some roasted potatoes or a potato gratin. Something green or a salad. How about a chocolate molten cake for dessert.

        1. It does involve mint, but I really liked this recipe and the mint is a fresh mint in combination with a number of other flavors, not a sweet mint jelly sort of thing at all (although I apologize if it has ingredients beyond the scope of your not very good grocery stores...).

          1. I am just doing 2 bone lamb chops, so they will be thin enough to do them on the stove top without having to finish them in the oven.

            As for the chocolate molten cake, yes that and a tarte tatin are my go to home made desserts these days.

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              Sorry, I thought you were asking for cooking advice for the chops. Happy anniversary.