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Aug 4, 2010 06:43 PM

Need recs for Sunday brunch in Wilmington area

Any suggestions for a nice Sunday brunch in Wilmington? We used to live in the area and are visiting family for the weekend. Years ago we went to the Hotel Dupont for brunch. It was OK...and we'd go back there if nothing more interesting is available. This is a big birthday (60!) for a family member, so I'd like it to be special. Due to time constraints we will not be able to travel far outside of Wilmington DE, so Philly ideas are not needed.
Thank You!

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  1. The newly reconstituted Columbus Inn is an excellent place for brunch and certainly in the league of 60th birthday celebrations. They have a reasonably interesting, though not earth-shaking, brunch menu and some very good brunch cocktails. The space is nice and if it's a nice day you can sit outside on the porch. We were there a few weeks ago and would definitely return.

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      Thanks for the idea! I would never have thought of the Columbus Inn for this! I moved away from DE 30 years ago, but still have family there. I haven't been to the Columbus Inn for 29 years. Just looked at their online menu...looks promising. Thanks again.

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        Update on Columbus Inn: the NJ is reporting now that they have reverted to the old all-you-can eat, carving station, raw bar, food for the white-shoe-crowd kind of brunch. To me this is a big step backward, but apparently Wilmington likes it. Sigh.

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          In addition to other changes on the menu, including larger portions and adding pizza. +1 Sigh. At least they abandoned valet parking, valet parking in a parking lot to boot - but the very idea even to include that old chestnut from former days leaves me with an overall lack of confidence in management.

      2. This may be too far afield, but our brunch spot of choice lately has been Simon Pearce in West Chester. Excellent, fresh dishes (changes weekly), extensive brunch cocktail list -- they also have a private room for parties as far as I can tell (they seem to have a baby / bridal shower going on every time I'm there). Lovely view of the creek, fun to see the glass blowing in progress downstairs, beautiful drive up 52 to get there, etc.

        1. I don't know if your trip has commenced yet, but I'll make some suggestions none the less. I love Krazy Kat's for their brunch, this would be my number one. Their sausage and gravy is incredible. I would recommend reservations, it can be crowded. The Mendehall Inn serves a Champagne Sunday brunch which I have heard is quite spectacular. And, I recently visited The Rail at Delaware Park for Mothers day and their brunch was elegant and fun. I hope this helps!

          Krazy Kats Restaurant
          Kirk Rd, Montchanin, DE 19710

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            Nothing special about the Mendenhall Inn, certainly not a destination inn, hotel or restaurant even though they think they are.

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              This might be a little harsh, though I know what you mean.

          2. Buckley's Tavern on Route 52 in Centerville, DE provides Sunday Pajama Brunch. The menu consists of about a dozen choices and prices from $5 to $12.

            Not 100% sure if you must embarrass yourself wearing pajamas out in order to get the deal.

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              The deal with Buckley's Pajama Brunch is that if you wear pajamas you get your brunch for half-price.

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                I have been to Buckleys three times and was never impressed with the food. It has either been cold, or plain unappetizing looking. I tried to like it.

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                  It has been a few years since I've been there, for just that reason. Indifferently prepared food, indifferent service.

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                    Every so often MrsRuffles and I realize we haven't been to Buckley's for lunch/dinner in a while and when we go we remember why - the food is rather average, the beer selection is wanting, and the service can be a bit underwhelming.

                    However, even though it's been a while, we've always had pretty good luck with their brunch.