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Aug 4, 2010 05:50 PM

Water Moon??? [Rye]

Went for lunch on Monday and it was a very bizarre experience. First they wouldn't seat us where we requested as they said there was a party coming (no parties showed). Then we ordered sushi and we were informed that they don't serve sushi on Mondays. Then we asked about the lunch specials they have on their website, well they no longer offer them. On top of that the waiter was very rude. I call today to speak to the manager and was informed that they have no manager so I asked for the owner and I was informed that the owner comes in at various times and I would have to call back. I this any way to run a restaurant? Death Watch for this place!

Water Moon
66 Purchase St, Rye, NY 10580

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  1. Yikes, thanks for the update. Cross that one off my list!

    1. Try Penang in Greenwich. Same owners, but slightly lower prices, and a smaller environment, with excellent service. Really fresh food, some of the best Asian around.

      55 Lewis St
      Greenwich CT

      1. Went a few days ago. Still gorgeous interior space, had great Vietnamese salad, Crispy Red Snapper, and Ginger Duck. Outstanding. Not traditional recipes, but very tasty, unique flavors, very fresh, and great, large fresh veggies. A very good Asian choice in East Central Westchester.