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Aug 4, 2010 02:43 PM

Eggplant yield

There are a couple of dishes using chopped eggplant that I would eat every week if eggplant and the other nightshades these recipes contain did not exacerbate arthritis. So I hadn't made Stir-Fried Roasted Eggplant in 6 months when I bought a pristine 3# purple eggplant at a farmstand last week.

This was a monster, as eggplants go, yet I wound up with only a quart of the finished dish, that also contained an onion and a bell pepper, both fist-sized, a cup of chopped tomato, and 3 oz. of tomato paste. So I finally did the math, and realized that as in making caramelized onion, a pound of eggplant yields but a cup when thoroughly cooked. Chances are that holds true for squash and many other vegetables but I noticed this time because the dish is so delish. Now I know to buy a whole grocery bag's worth of them next time.

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  1. That's interesting. When I use eggplant and zucchini in dishes, I usually roast them. If it is for pasta primavera, eg, I will cut them in perhaps 3/4" cubes (along with peppers or other vegs if using), season them and spray with olive oil. Then I put them into a 450 oven and check after 15 minutes. As soon as they get golden and just crisp on the outside they're ready to be used in the dish -- add then maybe a can of cherry tomatoes, oven roasted shrimp, sausage, whatever, toss with pasta. They keep their shape, taste great and don't melt down like okra.

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      In this instance, you prick the whole eggplant and roast or nuke (roast is slightly better flavor in the final dish) until it collapses, then pull/scrape out the flesh when cool enough to handle. Not much is left in there.

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        Based on this observation, I bought over 6# of eggplant to make what I figured would be about 3 quarts of pasta sauce. For this, I julienne the eggplant with a mandoline. It is then added to pre-sweated pancetta and onions, along with bell pepper and canned tomatoes/paste. For whatever reason, the eggplant volume does not decrease nearly as much as when the whole eggplant is oven-roasted until collapsing. I had to get out a second big pot to accommodate all the eggplant, although once it had cooked down for a couple of hours they could be consolidated into one pot. I wound up with over 5 quarts of sauce.

    2. I had some very prolific Slim Jim eggplants in my garden which are small cylinders instead of the normal globes. My wife used them to make an eggplant Pate in the food processor which was quite tasty on crackers. She confirmed my guess of cooked eggplant, walnuts, coriander, and cumin, but didn't tell me where the recipe came from so I can't quote the source.

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        I also had one of those long slim (i think called chinese eggplants) from the garden, I peeled it, cut in a small dice. sauteed in olive oil, added a pint of grape tomatoes (halved) from the garden toward the end, then a 1/2 box of cooked rotini and a cup of homade pesto, thinned with the pasta water. It actually came out really creamy and delicious. As my brother in law said "this is so good I want to rub it all over my body" old family joke:)