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Aug 4, 2010 02:26 PM

Facing East Reopened

Went to the newly remodeled/expanded Facing East for lunch today. It's in the same strip mall location, but they've taken over the adjacent space. There is probably 2x the dining room space, the decor is similar to what they had before (casual but not forgotten) and they even have (gasp!) space to wait inside the restaurant.

Pluses: They've expanded their menu. We ordered "old favorites" and the quality of the food was definitely still there. More seats! And the new furniture is more comfortable than the old wood benches.

Minuses: Parking is sure to be even more of a problem than it was before. It appears that a good number of the parking lot stalls have now become "15 minutes" to appease the neighboring tenants, I'm sure. The kitchen was achingly slow. Hopefully it's just kinks to work out, because especially at lunch time it becomes a factor. The new space is clearly an addition, and some of the older spaces now seem a little weird. Tables in the direct line of view of those waiting or seemingly up against the kitchen.

Neutral: Many of the new tables are bigger. Probably more useful during dinner time, but at lunch you had many seats unutilized because of seat configuration.

Facing East Taiwanese Restaurant %u6771%u4F86%u98DF%u5E9C
1075 Bellevue Way NE Ste B2, Bellevue, WA 98004

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  1. Went today and can confirm Ethereal's observations. The service is a little spotty now too because it seems that they hired new people for the extra tables and these new people do not seem to have a lot of service experience. The other bad thing is that some of the great things we used to love aren't there any more, like the sweet mixed beans with tofu dessert. Also the citrus tea isn't served by the pot anymore. But overall, the place is still great.