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Aug 4, 2010 02:18 PM

Brasserie T with kids?

Hi Everyone,
I'll be visiting Montreal with my kids (agest 5 and 2) and am hoping to manage a few good meals despite the need for child-friendly restaurants. My wife and I have been visiting annually without the kids for many years, and always incorporate a dinner at Toque. Since we won't be able to do that on this trip, I was wondering if Brasserie T might give me my Toque fix in a setting more accomodating of the children. I know that in one of the articles I read, they suggested that they wanted to create a place that welcomes "everyone" - can those of you who have been there tell me whether it would be appropriate to bring small (well behaved for their ages) children?
Thanks in advance!

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  1. It's a very casual place and the service was very accommodating and friendly. I think children would be more than welcome there. I don't know if it'll really give you a Toqué fix as it was pretty much just well done bistro/brasserie food - really good fries, nice steak, good salmon tartare/steak tartare, etc. but not really comparable to the food at Toqué. Certainly child-friendly food, though, too!

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      not a toque fix but pleasant terrace facing dancing fountains on pavement that children like to get wet in and lots of open spaces to give them a way to let off steam, I had a nice thick bavette (steak) with scalloped potatoes instead of the fries, delicious and 20$.

      we used to enjoy the back garden patio at jardin de panos, kid friendly, regular greek choices with option bring your own wine

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        Thanks for the recommendation! I'd also appreciate any other kid-friendly restaurant pointers, especially near vieux montreal. Based on previous threads, we're planning to stop in at Holder, but I have a few meals still unaccounted for...

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          Just an update for anyone who looks at this thread later. Brasserie T worked well with the kids-- having the fountains and terrace worked wonderfully, as the kids could go stretch their legs as necessary without disturbing anyone. We enjoyed the food as well.
          Thanks again for the comments.

          1. re: whimsey

            I've only been for breakfast but Vallier (on McGill) was very accomodating of our 1-year old.

      2. I was also in a similar dilemma a couple of weeks ago when a family friends came to visit for their kids' spring break. Surprisingly, the tartar and the scallops were a really big hit with the kids! the beef rib (also another kid success) is also a great deal when you're sharing it.