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Aug 4, 2010 01:31 PM

Any recommendations for lobster (not lobster roll) in RI- Bristol County?

We have a lobster fanatic coming to visit and would love to take her for great lobster.

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  1. Buy some at your local fishmonger's and cook it at home. You won't get anything better or fresher at any restaurant.

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      Totally agree go to to the beach and get some fresh seaweed and sea water. go to a good lobster company in Galilee. Ask for HARD SHELL Lobsters. all soft shell lobsters are sold to most restaurants and contain about 40% meat loss because they are cheap so when lobsters are sold for cheap, run lol. . If boiled go for the 2lb size. :)

      1. re: Frank Terranova

        While I agree with the others about cooking at home I realize it may not be an option for you as I know some don't like to deal with a live creature. I have lobster at least once a month but never had one in a restaurant as it is to messy for me and so easy and less expensive to do at home. I just seen an ad for Lobster cooked any way at Grist Mill in Seekonk MA. http://www.virtualr.net/colin-mcrae-d... But there are many places.

        I normally steam them at home.

        Frank, I tried your method of the sea water as I live a few blocks away, but must say I still prefer them steamed.

        Grist Mill
        44 Mill Ln, Farmington, CT 06032

        1. re: chefjohn

          2 inches of water,cooked for 20 minutes,no matter how many....5.99 a pound here in bristol...easy with a few ears of corn and potatos....

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            Thanks chef (and everyone). The way the timing works out we will be going out I will check out The Grist Mill and continue to look for suggestions here.

            One day I will DIM....

            Grist Mill
            44 Mill Ln, Farmington, CT 06032

            1. re: Sallylucy

              in bristol,quitos have lobster a bunch of different ways,theres always the lobster pot too,a little pricey though.