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Aug 4, 2010 01:29 PM

Where to buy bolilos (Torta bread) in Dallas?

I'm sure one or more of the various Torta spots in town sells bolilos, wanted to check and see if someone knew of a place for certain to save me some time...

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  1. El Rancho bakes em fresh each day. There are multiple locations in Dallas including one at Marsh and Walnut Hill.

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      I appreciate it, Mr.Knower of all things yum.....

    2. Fiesta sells wonderful bolillos, also made daily. Five for $1 !

      1. Are you looking for bolillos or torta bread? They are not necessarily the same thing. The torta bread is generally a bit larger than a typical bolillo say at Fiesta or El Rancho. Bolillos can be found at any grocery store in the area that serves a large Hispanic population. I have even seen them at Wal-Mart. Now for the torta (telera) bread most taqueria/torterias get most of their breads from local bakeries. Marquez in Arlington and El Hornito in Dallas ,close to Bachman Lake, are a good examples of a Mexican bakery that would have both bolillos and telera bread

        Bolillo = roll
        Telera = Mexican Flat Bread or literally carpenter's pen