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Where to buy bolilos (Torta bread) in Dallas?

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I'm sure one or more of the various Torta spots in town sells bolilos, wanted to check and see if someone knew of a place for certain to save me some time...

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  1. El Rancho bakes em fresh each day. There are multiple locations in Dallas including one at Marsh and Walnut Hill.

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      I appreciate it, Mr.Knower of all things yum.....

    2. Fiesta sells wonderful bolillos, also made daily. Five for $1 !

      1. Are you looking for bolillos or torta bread? They are not necessarily the same thing. The torta bread is generally a bit larger than a typical bolillo say at Fiesta or El Rancho. Bolillos can be found at any grocery store in the area that serves a large Hispanic population. I have even seen them at Wal-Mart. Now for the torta (telera) bread most taqueria/torterias get most of their breads from local bakeries. Marquez in Arlington and El Hornito in Dallas ,close to Bachman Lake, are a good examples of a Mexican bakery that would have both bolillos and telera bread


        Bolillo = roll
        Telera = Mexican Flat Bread or literally carpenter's pen