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Aug 4, 2010 12:57 PM

dinner options walking distance to Millenium Park?

So it is raining this afternoon but I still really want to check out the artwork in Millenium park. What options are there for dinner right around that area? We were going to venture a little more around the city but, assuming the weather is still lousy, may want to stay closer to the park. We are open to all sorts of cuisines but would like something nicer than pizza or basic bar food and do not want a chain. Thanks!

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  1. By approximate distance from the park, all of these are very good:

    0-2 blocks:
    Park Grill (American) -
    The Gage (gastropub) -
    Rhapsody (contemporary American) -
    Russian Tea Time (Russian) -
    Aria (pan-Asian) -

    2-4 blocks:
    Atwood Cafe (contemporary American) -
    Vivere (contemporary Italian) -
    South Water Kitchen (American comfort food) -
    Trattoria No. 10 (Italian) -
    Catch 35 (seafood) -
    Cibo Matto (contemporary Italian) - http://cibomatto.therestaurantsatthew...
    Petterino's (steakhouse) -
    Mercat a la Planxa (tapas) -

    All of the above accept reservations at

    If this happens again tomorrow, Terzo Piano, the restaurant in the new Modern Wing of the Art Institute (and for which you do not need to pay admission to the museum) is open for dinner on Thursdays only.

    1. I just had visitors in from out of town; we had drinks at the Millenium Grill ( just under the Cloud Gate / "The Bean" sculpture) and dinner at The Gage ... Michigan Ave just across from the Crowne Fountain / "The Spitters ?".
      Both of these fit what you've described - The Gage is a "pub" with a creative and well executed menu.